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MUSIC ZINE issue.1 Universe


Songs of the Universe

What kind of experience does music give you? For graphic designer Forrest @4res, every song allows him to gallop along the artistic conception of the piece. The presentation of a playlist is therefore, to him, very interesting, kind of like roaming around a certain theme. His latest zine project "Music Zine" was created with this in mind. The theme of the first issue is Universe. The creator has chosen 10 tracks that connect with the notion of the universe. There are also recommendations to readers.

Of course, if you feel that isn’t enough, you can also check out the short interview at the end of the page, where the creator has asked a bunch of friends about their tastes and choices. In addition, there is Book B, and the Japanese illustrator Shoko Matsuki @shokomatsuki who selected 8 of her favorite songs.

The Zine embodies a compact design like that of a CD. The blue-and-black offset printing also adds a retro flavour.

10 songs + 8 selected personal essays on the notion of universe; two volumes in one set.



A Thin Booklet #12 Isolation


Following the tenth issue of "The Ending Exhibition" (2018), "A Thin Booklet" @athinbooklet, published once a year by local designer Forrest@4res, continues to invite 8-12 participants to explore a certain theme in each issue. This latest issue is #Quarantine, which has certainly brought chaos to our lives. In addition to local designers, participants also include designer friends from Japan and Philippines, as well as Indian-born Hongkongers. #Risograph printing in orange and blue.

Cover: @shokomatsuki
Printer: @inkchacha


Zinema #12 Once Upon a Time in Hollywood


Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Fanzine

Zinema #电影自学志 is a series of zines launched by local designer and movie fan @4resForrest in his spare time. This latest 12th issue is a tribute to Tarantino's movie "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" released last year. There are three volumes in the set — Book A "Classing Lines and Scenes" illustrated by@ikuikustudio, "Hollywood Anecdotes" (Hollywood secrets and conspiracy theories) written by@toxicweedszine, and an A2 infographic poster, which explores characters and events mentioned in the film, not to mention post-credits scenes and other delicious facts.


ZINE COOP is a group of Hong Kong artists and designers aiming to inspire each other through independent publishing, organizing workshops and participating in book fairs across the country. They hope to keep learning and create conditions for more extensive communication.