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Haze Cave


It is a medium-length comic story that connects two cities, Beijing and Hangzhou, with a real cave, thus implicating the current urbanites in facing the uncontrollable reality and the questionable feelings superimposed on it.



Wang Hang

It is Wang Hang's latest comic story, which is still a bland and melancholy coming-of-age tale that integrates the juvenile naive fantasies about sex into a gorgeous dream.


Shooting star


"I don't know why I could produce this kind of comic. Because I don't have any plan at all. One day of last year, these images gradually and vaguely came to my mind. These stories found me and push me to finish this group of work."——SM


The Three-Body Problem

Alain Chenciner

It is not an ordinary popular science book. It is an experiment, an experiment to see the enigmatic universe through the fog of words. This book originated from a lecture on the three-body problem given by French mathematician Alain Chenciner in Chinese at Capital Normal University in 2018. With Professor Alain's notebook prepared for the lecture as the main body, together with the lecture PPT and Alain's cartoon collection, it constitutes a special book on mathematics, history, and re-examining meanings through language.


Founded in 2014, Yanshu has experimented with independent publishing while dealing with second-hand books, gradually experimenting more extensively with the publication and production of artists' books in addition to its continued focus on the creative content of Chinese independent comics.