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The View from "No Man's Land"

Firas Shehadeh

In The View from "No-Man's Land", Shehadeh documents the year 2020 by using online culture's main currency — memes — to tell stories of crashes, depressions, and violence caused by acceleration and the hyper technologies of control. His position as a Palestinian artist permits him to tell such stories with ease and cleverness. Yet unlike his subjects, he doesn't convey a post-ironic attitude; his awareness is a tool to decipher post-irony, exposing its contradictions as if fighting fire with fire. That is highlighted best in the book's cover; a kite strapped with a Molotov cocktail. The contra-drone of the oppressed. A direct, ironic answer to the oppressor's hyper-tech arsenal.

This book and its artifacts function as a memory theater for an era that doesn't want to leave, trying to outwit us by employing elements from the past. All the versos and rectos speak of the same story, reiterating after Carl "CJ" Johnson, its undeclared Angelus Novus, "Oh shit, here we go again."

  • Yazan S. Ashqar
204 p
104 × 176mm


Failure Cut, Family Graveyard

Ayfer Karabıyık

“As I was saying hum, hum was happening. I was saying haw and haw was happening. With a mildly higher voice, my chin a little bit up, eyes staring just above the horizon like trying to remember a name that was forgotten three times before, I was inside a bus traveling with 120 km/h and I was about to give advices to the passengers: “We are so different and we are right to be different”. In fact my actual duty inside this bus was to sleep.”

28 p
104 × 194mm


Adventitious Resemblance

Eren İleri

Adventitious Resemblance by Eren İleri is a zine about self-decoration camouflage.

36 p
132 × 189mm


Well Gedacht Publishing is a Vienna and Berlin-based collective founded in 2019, as a spin-off of record label Well Gedacht and dedicates itself to artist publications. DIY publishing is part of their artistic practice, medium of which may vary from artist books to zines, epub to CDs. Well Gedacht Publishing aims to bring out publications in collaboration with other artists living in Europe as part of diaspora communities.