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DRAWN No.1 The Infinite Sea


For thousands of years, human beings have been drawn to the sea. From Greek mythology to Hemingway, to William Turner and Hokusai, the sea has always been a great source of inspiration for artists, poets and thinkers. There is some kind of energy there that has been stirring the hearts and minds of people for generations, drawing people to the sea time and again. There is a need for a platform to collect these stories to find out the how the sea affects the human psyche.

Drawn is a magazine about the sea as a source of inspiration. Featuring stories of creativity and lifestyles inspired by the sea, it believes that the sea can trigger the human imagination, and take us to places we never knew. It believes that the mind has infinite power, just like the boundless sea.

In our first issue, we look at how the infinite nature of the sea inspires different perspectives in living, creativity and perception. These stories offer a glimpse into the transformative powers of the sea, and the possibilities that come with it.

333 p, English & Chinese
23 × 30cm



Diane Chiang, Benn Jeffries, Celine Meunier, Erin Armstrong, Jameson Kergozou, Zachary Peats-Bond, Daniel Koh, Yao, Evan Balkan, Emily Shao

Let the sun beat down on you.
Let the rain seep into your shoes.
Let the wind ruffle your hair.
Let the mud stain your clothes.
Let the heat burn your skin.
Let the rocks cut into your flesh.
Let the air chill you to the bone.
Let the storm rage against you.
Let the night break you down.
Let the silence tear you apart.
Let the tide knock you over.
Let the universe take back control.
Let go.

LOST is a magazine about self-discovery through travel. It is a magazine that features real stories, personal reflections and epiphanies from people around the world. It believes that travel isn't about fancy hotels or tourist destinations, but about immersing oneself in someplace entirely foreign to feel extremely uncomfortable so that one can learn from it. It believes that travel is a state of mind.

294 p, English & Chinese
17.5 × 24cm


VOLUME PRESS is a publishing studio based in Shanghai that produces independent magazines and art books. From editorial content to art direction, our studio focuses on bringing invisible ideas to life through the physical form of a book. At the same time, They also run an online bookstore and conduct publishing workshops in studio space.