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Double Fantasy

Valley Image

Double Fantasy are daily street photography in Xiamen, automatic cameras lighting things up, gazing and complimenting it. Pairs of things appearing like two magnets attracting and repelling each other, full of tension. Red butter paper cover like the surprise of seeing the image emerge in the red light at darkroom, double fantasy, for you too.

48 p
148 × 210mm


Shop of Salty winds and waves

Valley Image

Shop of Salty winds and waves was Shooting at Dongshan Island in winter. The town's stores still retain the calmness of the old days, old-school and laid-back. Large white waves blooming on the beach makes you want to have a glass of milk cover sea salt tea. The cover made with Cyanotype, Prussian Blue recalling wind-blown shop signs and the sea in the distance. Watercolor paper is very intimate to touch.

52 p
148 × 210mm


When Huihui opened his eyes, he saw...

Valley Image

This is a photo editing kit, you can use it to tell the story: "When Huihui opened his eyes, he saw..."

I took these photos with many children from a high mountain school. We sometimes sit around the fire and play story solitaire with the cards. Isolated moments in photographs are linked with various ways, color, association, contrast, time, association and so on.

Now you are invited to join the game and enjoy the fun of watching and telling by your photo editing trip.

"When photos need each other we make zine. While when people need each other we copy photos."