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Bhajju Shyam & Gita Wolf

From a fish waiting to be born, to the beginning of art and the necessity of death, lore from the Gond tribal community in central india abounds in stories of origins, transformations and endings. Celebrated Gond artist Bhajju Shyam gathers together these tales for the first time. By linking the cosmic with the everyday, he expresses the essence of each myth in ten sequential images. This extraordinary visual narrative of cyclical time takes us from the germinal moment to the turnaround point… where death once again transits into renewal. Gita Wolf’s English text recreates the terse wisdom of Bhajju Shyam's Hindi expressions with great nuance. This handmade silkscreen-printed edition recreates the brilliant conceptual art of the book, with ink, line and paper combining to add depth and texture to every page.

24 p
280 × 280mm


I Like Cats

Anushka Ravishankar & Various Artists

Sunny cats, sad cats, grinning cats, bad cats, cats with scowls and cats with jowls… Anushka Ravishankar's cheeky verse holds together this gallery of irresistible feline characters from some of the best-known tribal and folk artists of India. Sure to delight cat lovers, art lovers and artsy cat lovers!

48 p
180 × 180mm


The Circle of Fate

Radhashyam Raut & Raja Mohanty & Sirish Rao

Above the Himalayan peaks, Garuda, the divine eagle of the god Vishnu, sees the Lord of Death hastening towards an exquisitely beautiful little bird. He decides to save it, and hides the bird away – but can death be cheated? An evocative take on a timeless Hindu parable of destiny and love, this handmade book is illustrated in the delicate and ornamental Patachitra tradition of art from Orissa in eastern India.

24 p
220 × 230mm


Still Bombay

Mayur Tekchandaney

Walking the streets of Mumbai in the early hours of the morning, photographer Mayur Tekchandaney, a long time resident of the city, discovers an unexpectedly quiet beauty: the happy coincidences of colour and patterns, the lyricism of place names and the energy of its citizens. Still Bombay is his visual and verbal tribute to a city that hovers forever between collapse and hope.

For those who have never been to Bombay, the book opens up a palimpsest world where story is built upon story. Captions, asides and essays alternate with the photographs and enable the reader to grasp the city as an interconnected network of narratives, neighbourhoods and lives. The design of the book brings forward a parallel narrative, walking the reader through the pages as the author did through the neighbourhood.

Watch the preview video here.

256 p
240 × 170 × 28mm

Little Girls Are Wiser Than Man

Leo Tolstoy, Hassan Zahreddine

Malashka and Akulka, two little girls, are playing together happily when they get into a disagreement… and before you know it, the entire village is involved in an imbroglio!

Little Girls Are Wiser Than Men is a book for all ages and times adapted from a poetic short story by one of the world’s greatest storytellers, Leo Tolstoy. This astute tale about conflict and resolution is illustrated with linocut art by Lebanese printmaker Hassan Zahreddine and printed on handmade paper, using a vintage 1965 Heidelberg letterpress.

Digital files of the text and art were used to create plates that relief-printed on to the surface of paper. This technique captures the spirit of the times that the story was set in while connecting it to the context in which this edition was created. It also makes for a unique reading and viewing experience: the words are deeply etched on the page, the colours are solidly on the surface, and the texture of the paper invites exploration.

Watch the preview video here.

48 p
190 × 145 × 13mm

Tara Books is a collective of writers, designers, and bookmakers, based in Chennai, South India. We publish illustrated books for children and adults. We generate many of our titles in-house, but also work with creative professionals across the world. We're particularly known for our pioneering work with the incredibly rich traditions of Indian folk and tribal art, as well as our range of books made completely by hand, from the paper to the printing and binding.