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Buffalo Zine Issue 12

Buffalo Zine

In 1993, Buffalo Zine’s Arts Editor-at-Large Hans Ulrich Obrist, sat down with artists Christian Boltanski and Bertrand Lazier at Café Select in Paris, where they began discussing an imaginary exhibition. Titled ‘Do It’, the exhibition would be built through sets of instructions given by contemporary artists, and freely available for anyone to interpret.

A few years later, after this new exhibition model had travelled the globe and the list of contributors had expanded, it became a book, titled ‘Do It’: a public how-to guide for creating art that was part manual, part creative cookbook, and part do-it-yourself kit.

616 p
240 x 340 mm

Hamam Issue 2


Hamam is a new quarterly print publication that celebrates the art and culture of bathing. The second issue is focused on heat. Heat is a theme that runs through the issue, and the shimmering iridescent cover of the magazine evokes a heat haze, or a steamed-up window.

The magazine begins by emphasising something you don’t usually associate with bath-time: the violence of hot water; the way “heat both transforms and destroys, cleanses and punishes”, as co-founder Ekin Balcıoğlu puts it in the opening letter. The first piece in the issue is about sweat, and again, what struck me reading it is the way writer Mikkel Aaland emphasises not the cleanliness of the bathing ritual but the dirt — the hellish roots of Jung’s tree — and how that dirt has been conceived, through the ages, as quickening into life. Aaland explores the way that the sweat from bathing gods has been associated with creation in Russian Native American folklore, with Adam and Eve created out of drops of falling sweat. In Bengali culture, too, sweat is the beginning of life: “The Hindu god Shiva sweated and he washed the sweat away with a piece of cloth. He threw the cloth away. Out of this a girl was born.”

112 p
220 x 280 mm

Real Review Issue 10

Real Review

Real Review is a quarterly contemporary culture magazine exploring “what it means to live today”. This issue is themed ‘The Renaissance’.

In this issue:
Interview with His Holiness Pope Francis on the commodification of our souls
Ekow Eshun reviews W.E.B du Bois’s double consciousness
Curator Aria Dean reviews Future’s Mask Off and Black excellence
Photographer Stephen Shore, in conversation with Jack Self, reviews pictures of the present
Artist Issy Wood reviews Diet Coke

156 p
115 x 260 mm

American Chordata Issue 10

American Chordata

Founded on the belief that a good literary magazine can celebrate sophisticated design and earnest expression on the same page, American Chordata seeks to publish work that is brave, illuminating, and emotionally detailed.

This tenth issue of the biannual literary and art magazine showcases bright voices across fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art, and photography.

172 p
140 x 215 mm

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