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Just Like Me

Zhirou (9-year-old)

Childhood is not always full of joy and pleasure, but children never stop growing up. The power of growing up will take you away to where you feel free. Zhirou, a 9 years old girl faces many uncertain situations, but she acquires the power to change all this.

10.5 × 10.5cm


What Are We Having Today, Mum?

Nini (10-year-old)

Nini remembers every meal Mum makes. It’s hard to say 'I love you' but love is there, like stars, in every dinner Mum creates.

10.5 × 10.5cm


The Child Who Became a Seed

Jiajia (6-year-old)

This is a story about companionship. Mums always look at their phones, so their children become seeds. They need to take care of the seeds and let them grow in order to have their children back. This artist's book has been printed 6 times since its firstly handmade by Jiajia.

10.5 × 10.5cm


Best Friend

Zhirou, Nini (8-year-old)

This is a simple, warm, pure book of friendship. It is hoped that when you close the book, warmth would come stream down within you.

10.5 × 10.5cm


An Unfortunate Tale of the Little Man

Dulan (8-year-old)

Created by Dulan (8) during Covid lockdown, the Little Man met a monster, curious as he was, he touched him, a series of events unfold afterwards.

10.5 × 10.5cm


A Tale of Tuding’s injury

Tuding (3 years and 8 months old)

Tuding, 3 and a half years old, is injured. Mum and Dad took him to hospital. Bound up, Tuding asked Dad if he was in need of a new head, what did Dad do? It's a tale about an injury that would make you laugh.

10.5 × 10.5cm


Pod Zine Vol.2 Which is Witch?

Jiajia, Doudou (13-year-old)

SHU SHU has two publishing projects. Created in 2018, the annually published POD zine is edited by young people. Vol 2. is about stigmatization of female in society based on young people's research on the culture of witch.

140 × 190mm


SHU SHU studio, to create independent publishing and product design related to growth. At present, there are two publishing plans, among which zine's publishing project POD was established in 2018. POD will be presented and discussed by teenagers themselves in the form of one-year zine. Shu Shu also has "childish" independent publishing plan, and currently publishes Children who become seeds and Best friend. In 2021, the newly published such me and Mom, what do you eat today?