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Tim Walker

Tim Walker's previous monograph, Story Teller, introduced audiences to this unique photographer's fantastical, magical worlds, conjured anew with each shoot. But every point must have its counterpoint, day its night, light its dark; creativity is no different. Shoot for the Moon, Walker's much-anticipated follow-up, draws audiences close to reveal fantasy’s other, darker side.

Delving deep into the art and mind of one of the most exciting and original fashion photographers working today, Shoot for the Moon showcases the gamut of Walker's weird, wild Wonderlands. In images that demand to be read as art as much as fashion, his signature opulence and decadent eccentricity encroach ever further beyond the 'real', exploring the mysteries of imagination and inspiration, and where it is they come from. Dazzlingly designed to a lavish spec, with images featuring some of the biggest names in fashion and contemporary culture, and texts and commentary by a collection of noteworthy contributors as well as Walker himself, Shoot for the Moon is an unmissable addition to the lexicon of fashion photography.

348 p



Yoshiyuki Okuyama

In spring and summer 2017, the Pocari Sweat sports drink ran an advertising campaign featuring 300 high schoolers dancing in perfect, joyous unison. Photographer Yoshiyuki Okuyama followed them over the month of rehearsals leading up to the filming, becoming one with them and immortalizing the exuberant vitality of their moving bodies in images that capture every breath, every pulse of excitement, every burst of energy. "You are more than you ever imagined," says the Pocari Sweat tagline, and indeed the 123 photographs in this book grab straight at viewers and draw them in to live for themselves the dazzle and possibility of youth.

Here are photos that affirm youth with all their might, through images as direct, powerful, and pure as the soaring blue sky.
——Yoshiyuki Okuyama

128 p
147 × 221 × 20mm



Yoshitomo Nara

As one of Japan's leading contemporary artists, Nara's best-known works, his paintings of children with glaring, challenging expressions, have won critical acclaim and international popularity. This definitive compilation of paintings was published in commemoration of Nara’s 30th year of activity and contains approximately 100 works carefully chosen by the artist himself, including pieces never before shown in Japan and his recent works.

160 p
288 × 240 × 20mm


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