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Self Portrait as 47 Pickles

Erwin Wurm

The pickle is a recurring figure in Erwin Wurm’s work. In 2008, he created an installation titled Selbstporträt all Gurken (Self-portrait in pickles). To compose the piece, he emptied a jar of pickles, encapsulating each one within painted resin, and placing them on individual pedestals. Each condiment was then photographed following the same protocol. The artist’s book Self-portrait as 47 pickles presents this series of photographs.

96 p
130 × 180mm


Erwin Wurm Photographs

Erwin Wurm

Erwin Wurm Photographs is being published to accompany the first retrospective organized by the Maison Européenne de la Photographie (MEP) of this world-renowned Austrian artist's photographic work. The book explores Wurm's eclectic practice from this new angle. In addition to bringing together some 200 photographs from the late 1980s to the present, this exhaustive compilation includes original contact sheets and prints from the artist's personal archive that have never been seen before. It examines the artistic process through which Wurm created many of his major works and series, from his "Dust Sculptures" and "Fabio Getting Dressed" to his influential "One-Minute Sculptures," and also features his recent large-format Polaroid photographs. Innovative in its conception, this monograph sheds light on the singular role played by the photographic medium within Wurm's oeuvre. For him, far more than simply a means to record his performances for posterity, photography is a "sculptural" form of expression in its own right.

320 p
21 × 26mm


Hotel Mermaid Club

Chris Rhodes

Hotel Mermaid Club, Chris Rhodes first photobook, is an ode to daily life. The British photographer is transforming reality to recreate a calming and poetic universe flirting with melancholia. His use of colours and framing rearrange into the book a very personal aesthetics of the mundane world. Although portraiture in a traditional sense is not present, the book finds its humanity in its narrative, the spaces we occupy and objects so ordinary they escape our attention.

112 p
216 × 270mm


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