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Prickly Paper Extra: The Story of Liu Sheng

Prickly Paper

Prickly Paper, a book for the toilet, was created in the exhibition "The First Borderless Architecture Season" at the Fei Art Museum in Guangzhou. The magazine was placed in the public toilet of a building in Guangzhou and later occupied several other places. And the name "Prickly Paper" in Chinese is a homonym of the Cantonese "toilet paper." The cover for each issue was made with woodblock prints by different artists, and the inner pages are printed by a home printer. The article submissions and layouts of each issue depend on the subject.
Prickly Paper was presented in a rough hand-made style. The contribution collection and the magazine's format changes depending on the theme. And a dropbox was also be set up among the toilets.

In the spring of 2020, Prickly Paper launched a special issue called The Story of Liu Sheng. Liu Sheng is a delivery man, who often delivers packages to staff in our editorial team. Later he became friends with the editor Chen Yifei on WeChat. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Liu Sheng was stuck in his hometown Xiantao in Hubei province and was unable to return to work. After scrolling through Liu's updates on his WeChat page, Yifei found that he makes a perfect narrator. Then he asked for Liu's permission to compile the contents he posted on the SNS platform and interviewed his friends and him. Yifei also invited past contributors to write responses to the interviews and made a special issue based on Liu Sheng's personal life.

92 p
148 × 210mm

Prickly Paper Extra: Shawan No.501

Prickly Paper

Three years ago, a man drove his motorbike around the city at night and graffiti in the public place. He was careless in the operation and was thrown into the detention house for seven months. Now, He edits the documents, letters and sketches during that period, prints them into a awesome handmade book called Shawan No.501.

207 p
190 × 305mm

Prickly Paper is a publishing project initiated in 2019. It was a toilet magazine in the beginning. In terms of its form, Prickly Paper is characteristic of its handmade bookbinding. Its cover is usually made of woodcut printmaking. And its inner pages are made of newsprint sheets printed by the family printer. This magazine has a rough and unrestrained style as a whole. Prickly Paper maintains its daily operation through a small number of sales and a flexible distribution mechanism. Prickly Paper thinks making books is a good way to connect with friends.