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Poetry by Accident

Peas of Cake

The 2nd volume of New Generation is called Poetry by Accident. It collects interesting screenshots from the Internet, which happen to have poetic moments. The pieces included are all screenshots from instant messaging apps, social media, academic websites, etc. We remain the original format of the submitted screenshots and redesign them based on their content. The chapter ends with a discussion of modern poetry, including paragraphs from Cixin Liu's novel the Poetry Cloud and three poems created by Microsoft AI Xiaobing in a few seconds based on our logo. Poetry has changed quietly under the influence of technology, which seems like an accident by itself.

New Generation is a series of zines / art books, focusing on self-expression in the era of digital age, observing the current aesthetic changes from a new perspective.

72 p
120 × 185mm


The Experiment Report

Peas of Cake

On November 14, 2020, Peas of Cake Art Group planned and carried out a one-day factory experiment. The event ran from 10.30am to 6.30pm. Everyone, including the actors, in the made-up factory were assigned roles. The seven participants were workers in a made-up factory, spending a whole day planting hair on the cover of the art book The Leg Hair Monologues.

The Experiment Report is a pseudo report that documents the experiment as described above. The purpose of this experiment is to explore how the value of art changes in the process of commercialization, and the effect of manual labor on artworks in the process of mass production. The discussions in the report are open-ended and contentious, but ultimately inconclusive. Artworks are not the same as commodities, and the value of art is difficult to be quantified. Discussions on the commercialization of artworks have never stopped, and the factors involved behind it are also complicated. Choosing to discuss the topic in such format is our way of giving feedback.

21 p
210 × 297mm


New Generation

Peas of Cake

New Generation is a series of zines / art books, focusing on self-expression in the era of digital age, observing the current aesthetic changes from a new perspective.

The 1st volume of New Generation is a photo book of a collection of street photography with beauty cameras. In contrast with the exaggerating and bizarre taste of trendy beauty filter, the photography record figures, with a sense of humor, that not normally appear on beauty cameras.

56 p
210 × 157mm


The Leg Hair Monologues

Peas of Cake

The Leg Hair Monologues is the first art book self-published by Peas of Cake art group. The first part of the book is a series of street interviews in the form of photography, documenting portraits and close-up photography of women’s legs. The interviewees are from different age, occupation, and ethnicity groups. The second part contains artistic photography based on leg hair, attempting to imitate nature scenes, such as lakes, mountains, canyons, etc., aiming to show the diversity of aesthetic perspectives. The earliest history of hair removal which related to aesthetic reasons can be traced back to ancient Egypt. In modern and contemporary time, the beauty standards of shaving women’s body hair can probably be dated back to the World War II. Although the reason of hair removal cannot be generally concluded, it is more or less due to the dominance of male gaze. Same as other public beauty standards, Women shaving their legs simply provide men with the necessary visual stimulation which satisfies male voyeurism and releases their repressed pleasure. As Simone de Beauvoir said in The Second Sex, "One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman." The idea of this book comes from wrestling with the word "female identity", which grows with pain and pride.



Peas of Cake is unofficially formed during the pandemic in 2020. It is formed by Peas of Cake Art Group and their artist friends. The core members are currently working and living in Beijing. Their creative process is not limited by any art forms or mediums. Peas of Cake is a free, equal, and supportive community. They encourage interdisciplinary collaboration and communication.