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This Zine captures the richly textured parts of the Icelandic images. For me, Iceland is a place full of texture, but this texture is fragile. I selected these representative parts for image processing, and used riso printing to strengthen the texture and graininess. In the middle page, I also chose newspaper which has a special texture to print the richest part, accompanied by the tactile impression, to experience this special texture.


Sunday I shall go to the parks in the person of others

Page4 Studio

Sunday I shall go to the parks in the person of others

The past year has brought us to a standstill. We began to constantly reimagine our previous memories. Pessoa described this as "affected by a suspension of will", but at the same time, my feelings and thoughts continued every day.
The photography works selected in the book are all taken during traveling before the quarantine. After re-separation the colors, image processing and riso print experiment, the final effect is different from the original images, but still retains some natural traces. Through the special effect of the printing method - riso print, those re-created image col-lections seem to have become a bizarre wonderland. We not only want to use this book to express our vision for nature during the quarantine, but also want to use this opportunity to explore more possibilities of risograph.


Other Works (Prints)

Page4 Studio

Riso Print 4 Color | Edition 30|98 rmb

Riso Print 4 Color|Edition 30|98 rmb

Riso Print Black|Edition 30|60 rmb

Riso Print Light Gray|Edition 50|60 rmb

Riso 2 Color|Edition 30|78 rmb

Page4 Studio is a Risogragh studio established in Hangzhou, April 2020. Living in a data-driven and digital world, they still believe printing could convey emotions that digital media could not achieve. They want to embrace and explore the boundaries between Risograph and other different kinds of art context/fields, aimed at creating more interdisciplinary and cross-border printing works.