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2021 another calendar

out.o studio

As the name suggests, another one. We hope that it can be different from the conventional calendar system and reading habits, trying to extend in the limited paper space, through the graphical design language, to think about the multi-dimensional properties of time, such as diversity, reversibility, and superposition. There seems to be a sense of rebellion here. Anti-rationality, anti-rule, anti-fixing.

"Continuous" is the state in which we perceive time changes. 2021 another calendar restores this perception, taking each day of the year as a unit, counting from 1-365.The continuity of the paper also ensures the uninterrupted reading of the numbers, removes the obvious time breaks in the regular calendar, and the date will not be recounted with the refresh of the month. The change of date number directly shows the difference of each day. At the same time, it is also a measuring tool for the length of time, from another angle to observe the change of the year's progress. The months are distinguished by the transition of the patterns, and the elements between the patterns are related to each other.

The time module is continuous, regular and orderly. 2021 another calendar tries to find the fluctuations hidden behind the regularly arranged date numbers and the correlation between date and mood. This association is also random. It is conceivable that there is a hint for the change of each module, and the viewer will also associate the change of the module with his own experience or an event to form the viewer's personal emotional record.

continuous pages
305 × 265 × 20mm

Riso bible

out.o studio

The Riso Bible, a riso reference book that I originally wanted to make for ourselves. In this book, we tried to overprint 14 colors in pairs to achieve 91 combinations. As well as the color rendering on different colored paper, font size and line thickness and gradient test. Answering all the doubts about riso in the actual printing operation, it can be said that this book will not end. Constantly discover our uncertain part of riso, and answer ourselves in a way of constant experimentation.

Acrylic cover
240 × 310mm


out.o studio is an art book shop and a risograph and graphic design imprint based in Beijing. Graduating from the Netherlands and France, the founders are dedicated to discovering and excavating niche tastes in European design. They are also enthusiasts and promoters of independent art books and printed material. At the same time, they're trying to present more possibilities for publications.