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Black Coffee

Corey Antis

An artist book featuring the drawings of Corey Antis — 144 pages of "burning, crackling, fizzling tinder; churning like flotsam or jetsam; with undertows and riptides" as Matt Bollinger describes in the foreword. The book's format and production details are modeled off of a Moleskine Cahier journal, in which Corey made his original drawings. Typeset in Digestive by Jérémy Landes and Century Schoolbook by Morris Fuller Benton.

144 p
190 × 250mm



NOS Press

The first iteration of the Fridge Card Editions, an ongoing series of cards providing useful information that one might reference while in the kitchen. The ceramic magnets featured in the photograph are made by Rachel Ferber.

single-sided card
140 × 216mm


Jackson Ferber: Photographs

Jackson Ferber

A zine featuring the photography of Portland-based artist, Jackson Ferber. Typeset in Cotham Sans by Sebastien Sanfilippo.

12 p
140 × 216mm


NOS Press is a small independent publishing studio that designs and produces mostly books and printed matter in close collaboration with artists and other fine folks. We specialize in a holistic approach to creating publications, providing care and consideration to the concept, design, and production of each project. A portion of the studio’s practice is focused on supporting anti-racist, anti-ableist, and anti-violence efforts through pro bono service.