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For The Betterment Of Well People

Nini Sum

Sampling fragments of the human cultural process: ancient Greek statues of Hercules, prayer flags of Tibetan Buddhist temples, turbans of Arab boys, nose wings of Gandhara stone statues, and natural forces that cross cultural and time boundaries: earth, moon, desert, flying birds, Nini Sum collages a spiritually flowing surreal world. The open story line inspires a spiritual fusion that spans dynasties, regions, beliefs and species. Here the animism perception passes through the barrier of ideologies, the mind is free and everything is soulful and alive.

"This introduction to awareness - natural liberation through naked perception - has been composed for the sake of future generations, the sentient beings of a degenerate age. You are one of us". - Alpine Decline

40 p
180 × 180mm



Nini Sum

MOON MAD talks about the connection between human and nature(& super-nature), it's also a digital collage experiment in zine format.

With samplings of religious symbols: The praying hands, the lotus, women in Burqa and the performers of Nuo opera; as well as imageries from the vast nature: The surface of moon, the jumping deer, the desert and the ocean, Nini Sum tries to create a borderless world shared by all human-beings, it's a common connection across different regions and cultures, a peaceful spiritual world, where conflicts raised by ideologies and culture differences are deconstructed.

36 p
180 × 180mm


Nini Sum is a mixed-media artist based in Shanghai, China. Her work varies from limited edition screenprint to collages, mural paintings and space installations. She is the founder of IdleBeats, China's first independent screen-printing studio. Dazed and Confused magazine has described her work as "a new vision of Chinese urban art".