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So Long. It happened


"So long. It happened." is a zine combined with multiple illustrations and text aimed to describe separations and abandonment of intimate relationships. While private memories are coming to an ending point, subtle imageries shall repeat in dreams. While all of these imageries are screaming to present the past, they are then folded into a closed "book" in which connected to the sudden closure of most of the intimacies in one's life.




Random Noise is a handmade photographic book that needs to be viewed through interaction.

Random Noise was created when I was trapped in Wuhan in 2020. Nevertheless, these images do not directly show the city in a special period. During the period of being blockaded in Wuhan, the whole city was not only quiet, but also full of a kind of silence, just like someone pressed the pause button on the city, so that the perception of time became fuzzy and dull. Although this silence lasted only 76 days, it was unknown and tormented enough for me at that moment. As usual, when I come back to this city every year, I think it's too noisy and noisy. But it was not until 2020 that the whole city was completely silent in this way. Finally, when there was silence, I realized that another kind of noise sounded in my mind in a strange rhythm without any notice. The images in this book are created under the condition of too much intracranial noise. Most of these images were taken in the short time before 2020 when I stayed in other cities, and the final appearance of these images was like my brain, which broke down under the irregular and huge noise. In my opinion, these images are not expressions, but are used by me to seal up the noise and almost submerged self.

The way this book is viewed is like scratching lotteries. You need to scratch the surface to see the image. It sounds like an easy game. But for me, it's a ceremonial way to face the noise. Of course, this sense of ritual is not so heavy. On the contrary, when you use your fingertips to scrape off the ink and "read" the image, the fear of noise seems to disappear with the peeling ink. Finally, I can watch these "strange" images again.



I'm Still in High Spirits at the Age of 27


I'm Still in High Spirits at the Age of 27 is a booklet distilled from my enormous emotions in the fall of 2020. While life seems return to normality after months of co-existing with the virus, I was forced to accept the reality that my surroundings has changed massively as people are moving out of the cities, changing careers, starting families, giving up certain things. Cliche, chaos, mixed relationships are combined to make this very special year. "It will finally be ok." Things take time.



Chain Reaction


Chain reaction is an interactive photography handmade book that needs to be read by detaching all the time. In hiding images, it's more interesting than the Edition Series. In the book fair, many people are confused, because the new book looks like there is only one image, people pick it up, but there is no way to start. In fact, only when we destroy it in a way of "tearing" can we keep watching it.

The images in the book were created in 2017-2019, and the cities photographed seem to be chaotic, such as Suzhou, Peitaiho, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Kyoto, London, Paris and so on. But seeing these images can hardly relate to the established impression of these cities in my mind. So try to view these images from the perspective of "Invisible Cities" or "what these cities don't have".

Temporary Book Sculptures


This series of works actually comes from a paper experiment. In the process of the experiment, I cut a handmade book of my own and a photo book of my friend, and then recombined them together to form a temporary paper structure. It's fun to be temporary, especially for paper books. The role of paper in books is no longer the carrier of recording information. Is there any other way for books to exist besides being put on the shelf? Even if it's only temporary, viewers can temporarily forget the original image and text on the page, and can't recognize what the original image wants to say. Finally, the viewer becomes a tourist and sees the new scenery for a short time.


TBS Accident #01


This series of works comes from an experimental behavior. TBS Accident is to reorganize the image work of Temporary Book Sculpture, display it in the exhibition hall and invite the viewers to destroy it.


TBS Accident #02



NICOLE x MUXIA is a creative duo currently based in Beijing and Wuhan, dedicating to image-making. Their practices are mainly involved with photography, illustration, printmaking and book design. They share a common interest in gathering inspirations from everyday objects, materials, as well as collecting subtle moments from a rather sensitive sense of emotions towards daily activities. Therefore, their outcome images are often aimed at exploring the relationship between the physical forms and abstract images, attempted to capture the authenticity of a specific time in life.