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Behind the Glass – Quotes about Books from Books about Books

Sveinn Fannar Jóhannsson

This book was published as an extension of an exhibition of books about books at the library of the Oslo National Academy of the Arts — including only books from my personal collection.

Each statement in the book is selected from one of the displayed books, reflecting on the nature of creating, collecting, publishing, or reading of artists' books.

72 p
120 × 180mm


Ten Exhibits

Sveinn Fannar Jóhannsson

Ten Exhibits presents a body of work dealing with the relationship between language, image and location using the lingo of forensic photography. The project consists of evidence collected at exhibition openings combined with text excerpts from the galleries' press releases. This artist's book continues the tradition of publications from Multinational Enterprises addressing the juxtaposition between text and image, the sculptural potential of photography and how context and technology has a significant impact on content.

20 p
210 × 280mm


Holes [Revisited Edition]

Sveinn Fannar Jóhannsson

Holes is a compilation of photographs depicting sinkholes in various formats and shapes. Inspired by the human urge to control nature, the book evokes a feeling of disjuncture and break down, playing with the notion that the ground might open up and swallow you at any given time. Acting as vast shutters letting light into the earth, the holes mimic photography’s ability to capture and represent nature.

128 p
100 × 178 × 9mm


Holes [Special Edition]

Sveinn Fannar Jóhannsson

Brick, book, stainless steel rods and nuts
Edition of 8
Signed and numbered

22.5 × 11 × 9.6cm

Sveinn Fannar Jóhannsson is an artist, self-publisher, and artists' book collector based in Oslo, Norway. In 2012 he established Multinational Enterprises as a platform for his publications, exploring different themes in which instrumentality is juxtaposed with temporality, yet also infused with consumer aesthetics and technical misunderstandings.