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Banquet Comics Series

Lu Ran

The first album of the Banquet Comics Series consists of three zines, each in different formats. Every single zine is folded with one or two papers and connected to the cover with a simple stitch. All the three zines are put into an envelope.

Each zine contains a short comic, and, when unfolded, an illustration work or a text work. The first album bring three stories related dreams. The series plays with different qualities of paper, ways of folding, and take use of the flexibility of risograph to give an esay DIY touch. More zines will join in in the future.




Lu Ran

The short comic Rentrée tells a brief yet mysterious encounter of a young girl on her way home. It's printed on stacks of found cards and bound manually by the author.



LuRan creates stories through drawings and texts. Coming from a non-art background, her visual style varies as her stories change. She's most comfortable with short comics, drawings and writings.