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Gitai #02 Delicious Planets

Tomoyuki Koseko

The concept of the 2nd issue of Gitai series is to "view the planets like choosing food for a breakfast". In this project, the similarity between the moon and egg, which we feel without thinking about it, will be more clearly depicted and a fresh perception of daily objects will be presented.

I have created a series of photomontage images that depict the planets as eggs. At first glance, it looks like just an egg magazine, however looking at the details, the surface of the Moon&Earth is revealed, and at the same time you find that the gloss is also made of white texts.

There is a food which overlaid the moon with eggs as Tsukimi Soba(月見そば)in Japan. The imagination to find the moon in daily food may be the specialty of human beings. Discover some of our favorite planetary egg dishes and let your imagination run wild.

32 p


Gitai #01 Hams of the Planets

Tomoyuki Koseko

Hams of the Planets is my very special 1st issue of the new art book series "Gitai". Looking at the cover, it looks just like a magazine featuring hams. However, the ham’s shape is a trace of the earth. So this is not just a magazine, but an art book of visual comparison between two objects, planets and hams.

None of the images in the book are made of actual photographs of ham. Instead, I have painted planets pink. The book contains nine types of the planets' hams such as Earth, Mars as well as The Sun and Moon.

The interesting point of this work is how it presents a new perspective when it has been colored in pink. Details of the planets such as craters and clouds are compared to hams’ marbled patterns. For example, the surface of the Sun becomes akin to a slice of salami sausage.

This is a little experiment to create "wow" from our daily lives. Next time you’re in the meat aisle at the supermarket, please see if you could find your favorite planet.

297 × 210mm


Gitai Archive - Meat Map Market

Tomoyuki Koseko

Meat Map Market is an art book that visualizes unexpected similarities between meats and maps. The objective of this work is to suggest a new perspective on the world map.

Finland Sirloin Steak, one of the main features of the book, looks just like a raw sirloin steak. However, its shape is a trace of Finland. I have made lakes and rivers in Finland look as though they’ve been covered in salt.

The interesting thing about this work is how it presents a new perspective when it has been colored in red. Salted areas which are the lakes and rivers do really exist in the world.

28 p


An experimental design zine project by a Tokyo-based designer, Tomoyuki Koseko. The theme is how could create amazing expressions inspired by concept of Mitate, which has been used in Japanese traditional art practices like zen gardens for centuries.

Tomoyuki Koseko
A graphic design artist based in Japan.
After graduating from Musashino Art University, he has been showing his work at art book fairs and exhibitions in Asia since 2016. His recent exhibitions include the two-person exhibition "fictional landscape (Garden City Bookstore, Taipei 2019)" and "Astronomy of Ham (ART Lab OMM/PLANT, Osaka 2020)".

Checking my art book in my studio

Monthly pop-up at the bookshop "Bookshop Traveller". This bookshop is shared by me and about 90 shopkeepers. Once in a month in this space, I hold my mini-exhibition “monthly koseko books”.

Working at my desk

About my twilight scenery
A Sunset Kugenuma Beach, Fujisawa (April 21, 2021). It is about 20min by bicycle. Please see carefully beside the sun, you could find Mt Fuji, the most famous mountain in Japan!