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Crisis of History

Joan Fontcuberta

In addition to his well-known work as an artist, Joan Fontcuberta is an art historian, curator, and educator whose work has long challenged widely held ideas about photography and history. This book presents three of the important research projects he has undertaken over the course of his lengthy career, each of which includes previously unknown photographs that require us to re-think and expand the standard histories of photography.

134 p
210 × 260 × 14mm



Bahadir Aksan

Book creates space to ponder period of life, where experience and joy are juxtaposed with stereotypes related to inevitability and senility. In works exhibited, senility is perceived as a period of gained experience, memory, reflections, dignity and courage. Contemporary society is inseparable from social networks and cult of youth, however this cult exposes problem of aging society. This inevitable process is considered as something that should be stopped or reversed. Fragility, decay and mortality becomes synonyms of senility, although they represent just a tiny fraction of this period of life.

Bahadir Aksan is a photographer residing in Turkey, that seeks to represent and pay attention to marginalized people. In recent years B. Aksan actively participated in group and solo photography and photography books' exhibitions in Turkey and abroad. Dummy of the book advanced to the lists of finalists in several competitions and in Self Publishing Riga competition in 2018 dummy of photobook Daffoil won the main prize.

80 p
230 × 185mm


You can call him another man

Maria Kapajeva

The project started with a box of negatives Kapajeva found at her parents' house a few years ago. There were about 200 processed and unprocessed films, shot by her father. Maria excavated their contents, delving deeper into the lost images of her father's life, to create her own stories by using these photographs he took before his marriage to her mother and her birth and quotes borrowed from Italo Calvino’s book If on a Winter's Night a Traveller.

Maria says: 'I continue to work with questions and matters about found images and archives: how a coincidence can lead to a new narrative that does not relate perhaps to the real events documented in these photographs. It is my way to build up 'a possible portal between an unfinished past and a reopened future', as Hal Foster described.'

108 p
185 × 235mm


Kaunas Photography Gallery (founded in 1979) is situated at the heart of Kaunas old town and is one of the largest and most important exhibition sites not only in Lithuania, but in all the Baltic countries. It exhibits classic, traditional Lithuanian photography as well as innovative international contemporary art projects, organizes an international residency program and holds regular photography workshops and masterclasses.