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Paper Dessert

Jingren's Paperlogue

  • Classify paper interior through basic types of dessert

  • Introduce 30 kinds of 89 different types of paper with coated paper, uncoated paper and special texture paper

  • Printing effects of different papers, suggestions for use, and basic knowledge of papermaking process, paper silk direction, paper format, paper selection experience, etc.

858 p
60 × 60mm


Smoking Break


Smoking Break is a book combined of three documentations, worldwide lockdowns, workers' smoking break, medical workers fighting coronavirus. Three documentations are all presented through the same timeline, January to June, 2020.

164 p
110 × 220mm



Jingren's Paperlogue

  • ZHUANG means binding in Chinese

  • Collect 300 more book forms

  • A variety of styles from folding paper, binding styles to book box shapes.

  • Whether making a zine, a Swiss binding book or a hardcover book, there is relevant content tips.

308 p
95 × 145mm


Imitating and Innovating

Jingren Book Design Studio

  • Lu Jingren's forty years of book design and artistic life history

  • The book emphasizes the concept of book design: a complete book design requires the designer to complete three levels of work, namely, book binding, typography, and editorial design. Book design is a process of recreating visual information.

382 p
160 × 250mm


LOCUS - Identified by the History

Lu Jingren × Fang Xiaofeng

Taking traditional architecture and traditional books as the origin point, the architectural theorist Fang Xiaofeng and the book designer Lu Jingren discussed the historical development and characteristics of these two art forms, expounding the false and real theory of the "locus" in the oriental architectural tradition.

The book cover and back are penetrated by two staircases. Each level indicates a topic, which is intended to reflect the convergence and integration of information in different spaces through the medium.

564 p
170 × 170mm



Xu Tiantian × Xiao Mage + Chengzi

  • Both architectures and books are containers, buildings are large containers, and books are small ones

  • XX, the initials of both authors' name are X

  • X, stands for infinite and unknown

  • XX, a symbol of female chromosomes, this is the work of two female designers

  • Locus, almost contains all design thinking, all design thinking has its own locus

208 p
200 × 300mm


Jingren's Paperlogue is a brand engaged in paper applications. Using paper as a medium, it explores artistic thinking, creative ideas and technical techniques, and is committed to promoting the aesthetics of book design. Jingren's Paperlogue provides products and services including paper, art exhibitions, bookbinding design and training, which initiated and created by Chinese book designer Lu Jingren.