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The Leaked Recipes Cookbook

Demetria Glace

The Leaked Recipes Cookbook is the result of a rigorous and systematic investigation by Demetria Glace through the major leaks of the past 15 years, focusing on the theme of cooking. Part-reportage, part-cookbook, it showcases over 50 recipes found in emails hacked, breached and leaked online from the following companies and political figures:

Companies: Enron Corporation (energy); HBGary Federal (technology security); Sony Pictures (entertainment); and Stratfor (geopolitical intelligence)
Political figures: Emmanuel Macron (campaign emails); Hillary Clinton (secretary of state emails); and John Podesta (Clinton’s campaign manager).
This is not just a cookbook. It’s an insight into office culture, politics, corruption, hacking, family and friendships. It’s time to cook the conspiracy.

About Demetria Glace
Demetria Glace graduated from University College London where she studied Human Rights. She works to find patterns and connections – telling big stories through small pieces of data. Demetria Glace now spends most of her time researching popular culture, reality TV, and technology.

About Emilie Baltz
Known for her delightful, innovative work in food & technology, Emilie Baltz uses food as a medium (and metaphor) for designing experiences that playfully provoke the everyday. She remixes the fields of design, performance, hospitality, photography and new media as a means of inspiring new possibilities
in the world.

Edition in English
Canvas hardcover
52 illustrated recipes
9 menus
Photography by Emilie Baltz
Graphic design by Joanna Starck

280 p
272 × 190mm


Peanuts minus Schulz

Ilan Manouach

This book looks at the future of the globalized and interconnected world in which digital technologies are expanding in a multitude of uncharted territories. It redefines the contemporary disen- chantment with the flow of information. Peanuts minus Schulz addresses the ethics of post-digital conceptual art and how digital work is distributed as a practice of obscure, material and possibly disruptive composition.

Accompanied by a text by Ilan Manouach.
Bilingual edition in English and French Soft flap cover
Graphic design: Joanna Starck

700 p
229 × 154mm


New Office: The Ads

Florence Jung

New Office is a dummy company created by Florence Jung using a fake identity between March 2019 and March 2020.

New Office does not produce anything. New Office reproduces the only know system, the one on which it was built. A system whose sole line of defense is its impossibility to imagine a way out. A system that, in its most advanced form, provokes a variety of symptoms: a state of generalized suspicion, a feeling of chronic oppression, a growing propensity for boredom, a desire to flee as forms the core of New Office's activities.

The sale of the data from every person who answered New Office's ads financed the production of an original edition. This book is a facsimile of it.
This book was made possible with the support of Helmhaus Zürich.

Graphic design by Nicolas Leuba & Nicolas Bolay

300 p
210 × 297mm


JBE (Jean Boîte Éditions) publishes books at the digital age, in the fields of arts, humanities and poetics, with international artists and authors, for a worldwide distribution.