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Post-screen Cinema: Re-materializing the Cinema and Tarkovskyan Experience

Inky Pixel Press

In an age when screen devices are easily accessible, the slowness challenges our digitalized ways of watching in an cinematic experience. Devices and short-video platform have made high-res content and extraordinary scene abundently available, making the art of storytelling subject to the desire toward image.

What if we press the delete button on "screen"?

110 p


Dark Side of the Information

Inky Pixel Press

Social media defines itself as a utopian public domain, but in fact technology companies have the power to monopolize information. When we start using social media, we get into a passive state where information is distributed by algorithms. The sprawl of dirty-information on the user's homepage emphasizes that there is no such thing as a utopian public domain. Are we used to passively accepting information and become numb?

60 p


The Double

Inky Pixel Press

The Double is an experimental zine which aims to transfer reading into a cinematic experience. (Display only)

multiple formats

Unhappiness Prohibited - A Design Fiction

Inky Pixel Press

Imagine a place where unhappiness is a crime. Anyone ever reveals unhappiness would be on trail for being anti-social. What tools would be possibly used to train their facial expression?

16 p


Inky Pixel Press is a design and publishing collective based in Guangzhou, China. Merging ink with pixel, Inky Pixel applies "experimental publishing" as the methodology to redefine the present and the future of the print.