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Procreate brush guide for Riso


More and more artists use procreate to create, but what is the effect of procreate's brushstrokes under risograph printing? We published the Procreate brush guide for Riso showing different procreate brush strokes. Each brush stroke has its own characteristics. We have tried different sizes, strengths and speeds, and drawing methods in different directions. There are different painting methods for playing diagonally or horizontally to give play to its unique texture. We have recorded the most ideal painting method and size in this book, hoping to use risograph to cross the larger creative media world.

50 p, 4c Pantone colour
295 × 170mm


Paper For Riso


In addition to the characteristics of Risograph printing, the cooperation of the paper is also very important. We have tried different paper for testing the Risograph ink effect and created "Paper For Riso". This book seperated into 2 books, one is white paper and the other one is colour paper, we hope this can help people to understand the Variations and refinements on Risograph printing.



icclab 2018 was founded in Shenzhen. It is an original independent brand established in China by the first risograph studio ink'chacha in Hong Kong. It strives to close the distance between printing and design and uses different printing technologies to combine with risograph to produce different types of products.