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Jun Wang & Bonnie Wong

Heart is a poetic picture book that captures how the human heart is like. The heart is soft. It's hard. It's spiky, foamy, crunchy. Sometimes it's strong, sometimes it's ill. It's hidden deep under a gigantic body, while it also floats just a few millimetres below the skin surface. The two authors and artists of this work use imagery, imagination and drawings to visualise the hardly describable feelings of the heart.

40 p
140 × 170mm


Bonnie's Projection

Bonnie Wong

A book of the past and the future. Bonnie's Projection is a Riso-printed booklet created from founded materials such as old maps, vintage textbooks, scientific diagrams, collected printed matters, and archival documents from the National Archives in Richmond, London. The theme of this poetic book looks into topics such as colonial history, collective memory and identity.

88 p
110 × 160mm


Trip to the North

Ying Wang

A little folio created by Ying with pictures and drawings about her trip to Iceland. When she first landed in the beautiful country, she was immediately in shock. She has always thought Iceland was all white, cold and snowy, but what's in front of her was endless green land as she came in summer. This work is a personal documentary of this trip based on her fragmented memory. The imageries come in no particular order, very much like how she recalled memories of the trip, and are open to the reader to explore in whichever way they want to.

16 p
155 × 220mm


Float Across the Deep Bluish Light

Bonnie Wong

Float Across the Deep Bluish Light was launched in September 2018 during Bonnie's first solo show "Navigating Through the Sea of Grids". It was also selected to be a part of Book Project International, which took place in Marseille, France in Nov 2018 .

140 × 140mm


A Personal Archive

Ying Yu

A personal archive is part of Travel Book Project, a long-term project Peggy has been working on for years. The book consists of a series of collages created by the artist using photos she had taken during her trips which later she reassembled following vague and fond memory and impression of these places.

32 p


The Whale Book

Jun Wang

In summer 2013, a humpback whale was spotted floating and sleeping in Inside Passage, Alaska. As it sleeps, scientists found that it breathes roughly every three minutes, which differs from the sleeping pattern of humans. Jun was fascinated by the whale's biological clock, and human's attempt to study other creatures using a self-centred method by comparing the others against themselves. A set of prints was created as hand-drawn combined into a book as a fake documentation indicating the whale's ‘breath moments’.

8 pages accordion book


Drifting Dialogue 1, 2, 3

Folium Press

A series of sporadic publications made from texts submitted though an online form. A publicly editable diary where people could anonymously add text or images. During the Covid-19 pandemic (2020) the world went into a collective lockdown. Through the rise of internet usage and the closure of art galleries and spaces 'Digital Dialogues' opened up the idea of reclaiming free online platforms to become a collaborative space in which people could share and edit documents for 24hrs before a new document was created. The results of this daily project have been archived into a 3D cluster that can be explored by the viewer through their browser.

12 p


here +here is an artists collective that explores the art and diversity of book-making, emphasizing story, narrative, and experimental binding method. The group works mainly in photography, picture books, printmaking, risograph and other mixed medium projects. The five co-founders first met in 2017 when living in London. With different cultural upbringing, heritage, and respective art journeys, they have found an alike, harmonious and poetic voice in making art while striving to embrace the group's diversity as its biggest strength.