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The Board


The Board records the changes of a bulletin board in a community within 966 days.

There is no management service in this community, so all communication between the neighbours must be done through this board.
This unauthorized board is not a place for making official announcements, but a discussion forum for all residents in this community. People can reply to a message and also argue with each other on the board.

Anyone could take out a pen to write something down. What has been written on the board will be the best reflection of everyone's life here in this community.

96 p
210 × 142mm


Safety! Safety!


After the Spring Festival in 2020, we successively collected more than 400 "special period entry and exit passes" from all over the country during COVID-19 pandemic. We assembled these materials into a booklet, hoping that we can preserve some memory of this special time. We believe that all documents, photos, and stories related to the "entry and exit" of the epidemic, just like the food stamps back in the day, could become a type of cultural relics of a new era. The cover of this book is made of nonwoven cloth, which makes it look like a surgical face mask. We also designed a limited edition of "facemask handbook" and a DuPont paper packaging.

192 p
190 × 120mm


Blooming Calendar


Blooming Calendar is a "connect the dots" calendar. At the end of each month, you can have a flower in different shapes. Of course, there is no need to stick to any rules. With different lines, different tools, and different logic, everyone can connect every day in their special ways.


Guideswork is a small-scaled creative studio based in Beijing, founded in 2018.