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Women's Pockets' Pocket Book

Glasgow Kisser

Pockets reflect how gender politics operate on women's body experiences and emotions. With this book, I would like to share the research and images I accumulated throughout my creative experiments with pockets, to discuss feminism and gender equality ideas behind everyday objects.

142 × 152mm


The Cloud and the Fire

Glasgow Kisser

Two short comics using images as allegories for intimate relationships.

50 × 55mm


Hand Mask

Glasgow Kisser

'Hand Mask' is a impro game I play with children during workshops. With different hand gestures and facial expressions, there are endless possibilities. I would like to share this fun exercise and encourage people to explore more about our bodies and emotions in phenomenological ways.

65 × 65mm


The Eye and the Heart

Glasgow Kisser

Through different ways of cutting and folding the paper, I reconstruct texts and images to form poetic narratives.

35 × 45mm


As an artist and freelance illustrator, I like to use image-making and performance to create narratives for discussing social experiences. My current focus is on producing art with people and communities in the form of workshops and performances. So far, I have been developing works with the Deaf community, women and children.