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  /  Fen Cha Yuan

wu ang wu ang


Tunnels, a way of crossing the mountain. Humans pierce holes in mountains, moving step by step through the inner space. Flipping through a paperback book is also entering a kind of internal space.

"The journey back home involved going through dense tunnels, and I wanted to combine this experience of going in and out of the tunnels with the feeling of the storms described in the book. I wanted to capture the sense of an infinitely long holiday that summer in my hometown always brings me and the gradual transition from the city to my hometown through this object every time. The book includes a shot of the sky before and after a storm taken in the summer of 2020 back in my hometown.

Printed in monochrome on riso, each moment of the sky close to me in my hometown is depicted in different dots. The dark period of time when dark clouds pressed down on the sky overhead is described in the dialect as wu ang wu ang (ang use third voice in Chinese Pinyin pronunciation). The sky is still bright in the distance, but the arrogant rain will come before me. Trying to become arrogant rain."

20 p
14 × 20cm


Ruan Lang Returns

Chenjin Ruan

In early 2020, I made a short film called Ruan Lang Returns, motivated by a poem that I always remember: "The ghosts who cannot return are on their way back, those who return home are on their way out". The poem is entitled Going Home, which fits the theme of the film, "Return".

96 p
143 × 167mm



Chenjin Ruan

Cloudjack, a symbol of beauty and fickle fate. It is based on the experiences and feelings of Yang Qiao and Ah Jin in the highlands, and is a kind of conundrum for the mind. Where do those who have no identity and no place to go end up? And is all the suffering and beauty we experience, and the impermanence that is hard to capture, a kind of beauty disaster?

73 p
130 × 180mm


A Million Rivers

Chenjin Ruan

A Million Rivers is the first book of short poems by Ruan chenjin documenting a selection of short poems from 2010 to 2018. The title of the book is inspired by his feelings and visions arising from his life of wandering. Millions means financial wealth, while rivers means the mountains beneath his feet. This unfolds into a drama of wandering, of searching. Whichever side is weaker, the million or the river, life will fall into a state of lameness and imbalance. Perhaps it is this state of imbalance that has led him to write these words. Although these words are mostly pretentious and adolescent, they are indeed the crisp echoes of the river of human growth.

62 p
130 × 180mm



A five-person rotating composition

This project started with the exploration of the "communication" itself. Though this project we hope to establish a test field, which can discover and assemble the differences and similarities between individuals.

The project divided into three phases and completed by five artists.
Stage1: These five artists each created a short text without any limited.
Stage2: These texts were deleted the middle content, to retain only the first and last sentences, they were randomly handed to another artist. The artists needed to complement text according to these two sentences, than producing a new one.
Stage3: The new texts was randomly forwarded to another artist. Artists needed to create images based on these texts. Finally we got five sets of works, which consisted of texts and images.

"Communication" happened quietly in the game of texts and images. Meanwhile, the interaction and collision have occurred between the artists. What is the purpose and meaning of the "communication"? I hope it can have a more public meaning beyond the inner feeling of individual.

This is a recycling world dominated by mobile phone power. People gain temporary freedom through struggle. The other end of the tunnel, everyone is looking forward to getting a "low-powered" cell phone to escape the dark.

This creature is trying to help the lost souls find their final home, it has been wandering around the land, and leading them to "there"…

He has the identity to perform for outsiders,but also has another identity that he wanted to find himself but reluctant to tell others . Contradictions are the normal. I hope the most real he can be appreciated and accepted by others. I hope he will not encounter discrimination and violence in the life. I wish he could share his enthusiasm and happiness with the world.

Many people have the situation of opening their eyes in the morning but not wanting to get up and then go back to sleep again. This is a story that happens when the two states of "awake" and "asleep" are not clear. Reality and dreamland, we can not distinguish clearly which is fake and which is genuine.

A story about how to get out of anxiety. Negative emotions tend to be like a quagmire, I hope everybody can change it into flowers, grass and light breeze in the fields.

105 × 148mm

From 2019 onwards, a freelance creative group of two people wants to create creative hubs where they can discuss together. They will try to present our curiosity, turn their feelings about things and our love for things into works that can flow and start projects that can be related.