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From the first moment I started making a zine, I wanted to be a warm book. The happiest thing for me is my hometown and childhood. So I made a book about hometown and childhood. My hometown is a place like spring all year round. It also rains often. During the winter and summer vacations, I went to many places where I played when I was young. Some are taken apart and some are still left. I re-ordered my childhood and current 'childhood'. So with this zine.


drifting park


Since I came into contact with 3D printing this semester, I really want to make a book that connects reality and virtuality. This book describes a group of people who want to madly escape from reality. They have to survive in reality and can only get spiritual comfort from the virtual. What is virtual and what is reality? Whether we are also living in the virtual, but we don't know where our pain comes from, whether it is caused by reality or virtual. While thinking about these issues, I hope everyone can let their souls fly and let their busy spirit get a bit of relaxation from the drift of the soul. If every friend who reads this book can take time for himself, then our "drifting park" will be formed.

8 p
230 × 160mm


我想 想我 我想


The inspiration is that I want to make a book about dreams when I read Frankie's essays accidentally. I was a little clumsy because of temporary whims. When I read her text, I felt that she had spoken out the heart of a very small part of the people, so I drew a picture and chose how to make this book. In the first picture, a finger pressed a flower represents the initiation of various interesting ideas that have been stifled due to some factors; the second picture represents that I want to apply various colors of lipstick and draw unique eye shadows, but in real life In the middle, I may not be completely myself; the third and fourth pictures represent resistance. Although I cannot live the freedom in real life, I can draw freedom through my own hands and obtain another dimension of freedom.

I used to think that I was alone, but I was the only one who was not free to live due to some restrictions. Until after participating in some activities, I realized that I was not alone in the world. I wanted to speak up and have friends like me. The part, speak up. I think that if I do it, I may not do it well, but if I do it, I will definitely be able to make my dream come true.



Xiaohou & Lizi

"Evolution is written on the wings of a butterfly.

This is a daily engraving about butterflies, and as I thought about images, about evolution, about what flowery things leave behind in women,

I also began to capture the butterflies in my mind."

148 × 210mm


ego camp is a group composed of six freelance artists in 2020. They met each other through the Risoartisitzine Workshop and hope to form this art group to continue to create freely together. Each member of the group has a copy of the zine collection, which will be mainly sold during art book fairs. In addition, each member also has some other outputs. The team members are all graduate students from China Academy of Art, majoring in different fields Painting, watercolor, insert diffuse. Focus on printing, handcraft, art bookmaking, illustration, comics, poetry, animation, video, and other interesting things, different styles.