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Atmosphere: Wind


The third issue of Atmosphere project.

The entire book is made of light paper and is divided into three parts according to the wind: light wind (encounter), wind (invitation), and wind (collection). The contents include paintings, photographs, poems, dreams, music scores, installations, etc. to "feel the wind" from different angles. Chen Chenchen is specially invited to hand-write the page numbers and chapter titles for the whole book, freely running through each page, with a "windmill" tutorial. This is also the Atmosphere project, most involved the author of a book.

192 p
16 × 11.2cm


Shy woodblock

Zheng Chun

Shy woodblock is a small zine collaboration between DREAMER FTY and Zheng Chun. The title is an extension of Zheng Chun's printmaking, and the cover is so shy that it attempts to blend in with the colored lines on the first page board.

The original color painting is shown in the book in riso monochrome green, with orange-yellow lines. And the board*, which usually hides behind the drawing paper, is the protagonist here! It's a little thank you from the printmakers (DREAMER FTY and Zheng Chun) for the boards! Although the front and back covers we do this by screen.

*Note: The process of making a woodblock print starts with engraving the plate, then inking it, then printing it. The color is then transferred from the plate to the paper, which becomes the painting.

24 + 16 p
185 × 142mm & 102 × 76mm


DREAMER FTY, founded in 2007, takes self-publishing as a medium of art creation, bridging together a variety of independent creators. Currently, DREAMER FTY acts as the publishing project of art book in China.