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To Yourself

Xiao Bao Wei

To Yourself, written during the period of covid-19, records the author's observation, thinking and feelings during the period of isolation at home, which is also a comfort for everyone.


The Emperor's New Clothes


The Emperor's New Clothes is adapted from the fairy tale of the same name. It adapts and interprets the familiar childhood story from another angle, and gives a new connotation and thinking.




THE GREEN PAPER is a newspaper about Zhengzhou. It explores the city with original content and connects the most active creators in the city.


Zhengzhou independent Cafe Guide


Zhengzhou independent Cafe Guide is a publication about Zhengzhou independent cafe. "We selected 50 most representative independent cafes, and invited illustrators to create 50 original coffee shop illustrations, to published the 'GOOD LOOKING' city cafe guide."


I'm Ok, But I Miss You Mum


This is the latest book of zami, an illustrator, graphic designer, and independent musician. It is also the last independent publication of the big noon, a self-publishing brand of wild dog, in 2020.

Black and white illustration, black and white story, black and white world, we wander among them, from children, to grow up, from the familiar space into the strange street, in the same black and white mood, learn to endure, learn to silence, learn to say nothing.

Such a big city is like a colorful playground. You must have been lonely, helpless, and at a loss. And all our "good" and "bad" are helpless statements of growth, which ring out at the moment when the lights are more and more dazzling.

Those moments make you feel pain, fear, and even want to run away. But at the same time, those moments also let you brave, let you sober, let you have enough courage, to miss the person to say, you are very good, but, really miss her.


DOOGHOOD,an independent magazine and creative lifestyle brand, creative works include independent magazine bookstore, independent publishing, art exhibition, original design, etc. Founded in 2018, It is the only independent magazine bookstore in Zhengzhou City. It selects and sells more than 200 kinds of independent magazines and art books, covering lifestyle, art culture, photography and illustration. DOOGHOOD BOOKS also cooperates with dozens of independent illustrators and designers to introduce nearly 100 kinds of art publications and original design peripherals, including picture books, art albums, zine.