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Paper and Stencil Printing

Various Artists

Taking paper and stencil printing as the main subject, this book aims to examine the various aspects of stencil printing. To do so, we invited Son Ni and Chihoi of nos:books, graphic designer Jaemin Lee of studio fnt and TWL, bibliographer Leslie Lasiter at Printed Matter, Inc. and Hyojoon Jo of Corners to submit essays on the subject. In addition, interviews on paper were conducted with stencil printing workshops around the world. Also features in this book are "Riso Tour 01", a record of Hyojoon Jo, and Hezin O of OYE's 2015 visit to printing workshops in the Netherlands, "Riso Tour 02", a photo record of Daewoong Kim of Corners' 2018 visit to printing workshops in the UK, and "(Un) Suitable Paper", a project by Suhyun Park of Corners.

192 p
98 × 154mm



Ilju Lee

Illustration by Ilju Lee based in Seoul. PTis a zine that creates a different level of imagination by mixing pastel-toned soft colors, strong impression characters and scenes. The cover was made of double-sided gloss laminated, and printed using Aqua Blue, Red, Yellow, Kelly Green and Gray colors. Two zine divided into horizontal and vertical scenes were bound together into one cover.

We used RISO GOCCO for the packaging.

56 p
188 × 288mm


Myslectic Delody

Koen Taselaar

Mythical Delody, a linked publication to "Dyslectic Melody", work by Koen Taselaar, a visual artist based in Rotterdam, Netherlands. This book compiled 14 works on the experiences of the artist, who presents Imagine Band series works, while staying in Korea. The production used various colors of ink, printing angles, and printing modes, perfect binding by using Cold Glue, and plastic sleeves.

30 p
240 × 335mm


These Days


Illustration by Yeti Yun based in Seoul, “These Days” is a book that depicts scenes that the author found and cared about in her changed daily life after Covid-19. The book expresses people and animal friends on the street through observational perspectives, used five colors to print Risograph, hand-bound using wax yarn.

28 p Riso
180 × 251mm


Corners Studio is a Seoul-based office for the graphic design of Daewoong Kim and Hyojoon Jo founded in 2012. Their practice focuses primarily on creative direction and visual communication strategies through typography, conceptual and content-related approaches. Their work includes formats such as prints, posters, publications, exhibitions, signage, marketing materials, websites and visual identities. They have produced works for artists, designers, cultural institutions, and small–big brands.
They have a particular interest in how ideas turn into physical objects. Alongside the graphic design practice Corners Studio run a risograph printing workshop, Corners Printing, for self-learning and self-experiment, and also for collaborating with friends and other people.