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Assemblage Issue02: have a seat

Ning Zhang, Yafei Yang

Assemblage is an independent magazine founded in London in 2019 by Ning Zhang, the founder of Cometabolism Studio. It focuses on recording the entangled relationship between human behavior and objects and discusses the state of objects after their original functions have been changed by people.In this issue of the project "Have a Seat", Yafei and Ning explored the rest area, the subtle presence between private space and public space in the city, taking the road blocks in the city as the clue. This kind of zone is not only the buffer of physical space, but also gives people more possibilities. It is also the buffer of modern people in terms of their psychology and physiology. Rest is an urgent physical need, as well as the best psychological state of relaxation. It seems to be a refuge of 0.31 square meters or a living room of 4 square meters in the city.

368 p


Assemblage Issue 01: Interlace and pile up

Ning Zhang

"My research can be divided into two types of perceived affordance: Interlace and pile up. As the daily objects are usually overlooked, they may be hidden away from our enthusiasms. However, I focused on certain ambiguities in forms, functions, materials, and meanings in my image selection. Thus, the audiences can easily discover the talent inside every corner.

This book is my researches and observation collection. I hope it could explain what kind of research and concept I'm studying for.



Cometabolism Studio is a design studio established in Beijing by product designer Zhang Ning and multimedia installation artist Yang Yafei. Co-metabolism attempts to reactivate industrial metabolites, such as industrial components, and obscure their functions in different environments. The purpose is to sincerely return public spaces and objects to the real needs of the moment.