abC Art Book Fair

abC 线上





Melek Zertal

Together is a comic by Melek Zertal.

It connects to Fragile, a zine that was published by Colorama in 2018.

Perfect-bound with linen dustcover, first edition of 750

52 p
210 × 320mm


Cabin in the Woods

Tara Booth

Cabin in the Woods is a comic by Tara Booth.

4-color risoprint, saddlestitch-bound, first edition of 600 copies.

40 p
170 × 227mm



Jul Quanouai

SAP is a collection of flower drawings by Jul Quanouai.

"My hearts towards the sun, stretched at full length, I fake happiness.
But I pull on my roots, praying for my stem to break and for everything to stop."

Perfect bound with fake leather cover and foil stamping, first edition of 600 copies.

90 p
110 × 140mm


COLORAMA is a Riso printing studio and a publishing house based in Berlin - It is run by Johanna Maierski since 2015.

The Colorama publications feature the works of current comic artists and an ongoing exploration of assembling and storytelling - they are presented at Art- and Comic book fairs worldwide.