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Snail writing diary in the grass


You have to keep the part of the moon in you.

The feelings and connections from things in everyday life are recorded in the form of text and communicated again through the expression of images. It is believed that the closer you get to the heart of things, the more you can feel the shape of their language.

20 p, handmade wire binding
180 × 80mm


Cat's Dream 02


In every thing that exists there lives a little soul.

After starting the story from "dream is a kind of connection", this time the cat starts to enter into different things to communicate and resonate. Even the smallest and transparent things have a sense of beauty in them. Get close to it and create it.

28 p, softcover
150 × 150mm


Cat's Dream 01


Dream is a kind of connection

Cat's Dream 01 is a series of short stories created with monoprints, in which a cat enters another world and creates a series of connections. It is a more imaginative work, hoping to bring the viewer into a cat dream and create their own connections.

24 p, softcover
210 × 148mm


Moved by the breeze


The poems included in 2019-2020 are recreated in the form of paintings, and the words become paintings like a transcriber with a different tone, coyly expressing some thoughts.

36 p, softcover
195 × 140mm


the blue pool


the blue pool is a lyrical poetic sequence of images created by intaglio and collage, hoping that everyone can find a path to reach themselves and an outlet to explore the outside world in their own inner pond.

24 p, softcover
183 × 122mm


A small luminous connective. Works mainly in monoprint, mixed media and other media. Enjoys writing and making artbook.