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Start Of Autumn


The pop-up book Start Of Autumn has ten cross-page, using a combination of pop-up three-dimensional structure and interactive structure. In the tone of a child, this book tells the story of an ordinary family living in a water town in the south of the Yangtze River celebrating the beginning of autumn festival. Inspired by childhood memories of summer, the book depicts many childhood memories, such as picking water chestnuts, playing dates, fishing crayfish, eating watermelon and so on. Between the opening and closing of the paper, these three-dimensional scenes pop out of the paper.

10 p
240 × 240mm

Yo Ho! go to school!


Yo Ho! go to school! Is the first issue of Oriental Doll Creative Art Magazine in 2021. This pop-up book has 4 pages and can be rotated 360 degrees. It depicts the protagonist's lazy process of riding a cable car to school. On the cable car, you can overlook the streets of Nanjing early in the morning, the breakfast shop, the grandfather who plays Tai Chi beside Xuanwu Lake, and so on.

The creative inspiration comes from a small childhood wish. When I was in elementary school, I always forgot to bring my textbooks, and I was afraid of being scolded by the teacher. I could only run home panting to get my books after class, so I wanted to have a cable car between school and home.

4 p
210 × 140mm

Old Shop Series


The pop-up card Old Shop Series includes some retro shops such as barber shops, karaoke rooms, sunshine photo studios, public toilets and so on. In order to increase the realism of the scene, paper and cloth materials of different materials are used. For example, the bride's wedding dress in the Sunshine Photo Studio is white lace cloth, and mirrored paper is used in public toilets and barbershops, allowing readers to see themselves in the mirror and interact interestingly with the work.

6 p
120 × 160mm

Gd's Living Room


Gd's Living Room is a gift to my good friend Nan. It restores G-DRAGON's living room in the form of a pop-up book, in order to help her realize her desire to live in the Gd mansion. An interactive structure is designed in the living room. When the drawer is pulled out, you can see the song album and the dolls of the team members. When the computer is turned on, you can see the group photos of the members.

The cover design of the book is a scene from "The Truman Show", and it is also the stage setting for Gd's concert curtain call. The door on the cover coincides with the window on the inner page, implying that Gd walks out of dreams and returns to real life.

1 p
140 × 140mm

Interactive Pop-up Card Series


Interactive Pop-up Card Series is more like a paper craft toy, you need to reach out to interact to discover the mystery of the mechanism.

Twitch the lever of the "spanking machine" the big hand will slap the people's butt, making a "snapped" sound. Turn the turntable in the video hall, and the TV channel will change, programs broadcast are all childhood summer theaters. The idea of the birthday card is in the process of opening. Two little people approach the cake at the same time, blowing candles and making wishes together.

4 p
140 × 170mm



The pop-up card Daily records some moving days in life. New Year's Eve with friends in Tokyo, farewell at Beijing subway station, squats with mother...

Among them, the "Children's Day" greeting card is a gift for myself, and all my favorite snacks are thrown into the picture. The screen of the TV is hollowed out so that any scene can enter the TV. It can also be called the "unlimited TV station" of childhood.

5 p
100 × 140mm

Illustrator, pop-up book designer. She likes to combine paper art structure with illustrations to explore more interactivity and fun. The creative inspiration comes from old streets, old shops, old objects, and corners and corners full of life.