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Yayoi Kusama

Yayoi Kusama

An acclaimed monograph, celebrating one of the most iconic and revolutionary artists of our time.

"Yayoi Kusama transcended the art world to become a fixture of popular culture, in a league with Andy Warhol, David Hockney, and Keith Haring." ——The New York Times

Kusama is internationally renowned for her groundbreaking work on themes such as infinity, self-image, sexuality, and compulsive repetition. A well-known name in the Manhattan scene of the 1960s, Kusama's subsequent work combined Psychedelia and Pop culture with patterning, often resulting in participatory installations and series of paintings. This monograph is arguably still one of the most comprehensive studies on her work to date.



Nobuyoshi Araki's Grand Portfolio for China

Nobuyoshi Araki

To date, this book has been the most complete collection of the works of Nobuyoshi Araki, a world-famous Japanese artist and photographer. It is also a unique edition of photography for China that includes never-before-published works. This book comprehensively presents all representative works of Araki throughout his photography career and complements the chronology of Araki's activities over half a century, in the form of 19 small exhibitions, with a selection of 625 photographs. The renowned curator Hisako Motoo, who has worked with Araki for 25 years, talks about such a master in her eyes, as a part of this book. A round spine hardcover design also makes this book a good choice of treasure. As a complete collection and presentation of Nobuyoshi Araki in the markets of China and Japan, this book will lead worldwide photo enthusiasts and art lovers to unravel the world of Araki's artistic creations.



Shades of Chinese Culture: Color Aesthetics of the Palace Museum

Guo Hao

In the book Shades of Chinese Culture: Color Aesthetics of the Palace Museum, they also matched the 24 Solar Terms in Chinese culture and the 72 signals of phenology with 96 cultural relics in the Forbidden City. They crafted exquisite drawings for the book to display 384 colors of the traditional color systems through cultural relics arranged in the order of time.

Traditional Chinese colors are not only about the way Chinese people define colors, but also how Chinese people view the world. Author Guo Hao explicitly explained the aesthetics of Chinese traditional colors in his second book Traditional Colors of China. Colors of traditional Chinese culture can be found everywhere from astronomy to architecture, artifacts, and clothing. Reading between the lines, readers could experience the Eastern aesthetics and ancient wisdom which have been passed down for thousands of years.



Selections of the work of Stan Lai: Episode II

Stan Lai

Selections of the work of Stan Lai: Episode II is the culmination of three new Stan Lai plays and four classic crosstalk plays! The play was approved by Stan Lai himself and includes stills from behind-the-scenes work and the director's manuscript. It follows the creative binding of the first series: retro playbills, hand-pasted, sunken stage designs, photographic film prints, 360-degree turns. It's a hardcover edition! Lai’s crosstalk plays make you laugh in the hard life, but also make you "Feel a sense of desolation after laughing".



Tokyo Storefronts

Mateusz Urbanowicz

All the sights Urbanowicz had seen in Japanese animation and comics sprawled before his eyes. He felt more like he was coming back to a place he knew but forgot rather than somewhere completely new. The book offers a foreigner's view of Tokyo. The author hopes that both of the readers who have never been to Tokyo and those who know the city well will find the 50 shops in this book interesting and weirdly nostalgic.



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