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Abyss Staring


Female is placed under the gaze of an entire society of erotic culture, in this social environment, the female body is visible, while the male body is in shadow; The more advanced technology develops, it seems that the safety of women's bodies and dignity is increasingly threatened.

In the age of technology, how should the body and dignity of women be protected?
I asked people I can reach to send me a picture of a place where they thought women might be gazed at.

Female often find themselves in such places as subject of erotic material, while the stressful insecurity from such an environment always be denounced as narcissism and paranoia. I plan to compile this collection of photographs into a book, the front of the book is pure white, the side is painted pink. When the angle of view changes, pink appears. The round pink PVC sheets make every ordinary scene in the book stealthy and unsettling. I put it next to a typewriter with its shell removed and its parts sharp and clawing.

The typewriter kept spitting out words hidden in the pictures, words flashed through female's mind in the dead of night, in the quiet of an afternoon, in the hallway of an early morning, in a second when they suddenly broke into a cold sweat.
"There you are".
"I found you".

116 p
150 × 210mm


Peppers Summer


Only when you move do you realize that things that are normally insignificant can take up so much space, just like when you only find a sweet pepper missing from the kitchen table when you're stir-frying meat.

Peppers Summer: A small book of sweet peppers and other neglected objects.

74 p
105 × 140mm


Swimming in the YogurtPool


A soft book that attempts to create a particular, unstable, "clownish" narrative environment by recording the weird and lovely moments of life, the escapades and dislocations of letters, and the dialogue between each other in the jumping pages: the author takes on the role of what Wayne C. Booth refers to in The Rhetoric of Fiction as an "unreliable narrator," babbling about being imprisoned in this book. The author takes on the role of what Wayne C. Booth in The Rhetoric of Fiction refers to as an "unreliable narrator" who gibberishly claims to be imprisoned in this pamphlet, in an attempt to explore the narrative structure of the book.

70 p
100 × 200mm


No more design, please


It was an idea that came about in December, 2019, when I had just finished applying to school and had a very rudimentary grasp of skills such as typography, and the only thing I was good at was the shortcut of infusing textual concepts into my work and creating a certain visual effect in various ways. But would such shortcuts really work in the future, and could such 'juggling' really be called an ability? So, with this question in mind 12 pages of even somewhat self-deprecating product were made - basically emotional fragmented statements made up of a favorite basic typeface, the content and shape stretching with the ebb and flow of one's emotions and intuition.

12 p


Yunqi Peng (Cheap Ball), an independent graphic designer / experimental illustrator, was born in Chongqing in 1998. In July 2020, she graduated from East China Normal University and Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti MILANO and got a double undergraduate degree, now she is studying at Royal College of Art. As a book lover, she is keen to explore the boundaries of expression that can be accomplished by visual communication as a language, the display of experimental illustrations in different spaces, the attempts of bookbinding and different printing methods, and the atmosphere of the book itself.