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Beggar Comic

Yan Cong

Beggar comic are four frame comics created by Yan Cong since 2013, and has been published to the third one so far. Some of the contents of comics are the poor life of independent comicists invented by the author. Some come from the author's own records of real life. The publication of "Beggar comic" relies on the patrons' unrequited sponsorship.



Yan Cong

Hair is a picture book published by Yan Cong in 2017. 2017 is the fattest time for Yan Cong, and it is also the time for Yan Cong to move into his new home. The book contains paintings of various hair of Yan Cong, Some selfies for painting, some photos of the scenery just after Yan Cong moved into his new home.



Yan Cong Short Comics Collection 2012-2020

Yan Cong

Yan Cong Short Comics Collection 2012-2020 published by mangasick in Taipei in 2020. Collected 18 comics. Many of the contents of comics are the fantasy stories derived from the author's real life.



BEGGAR PUBLISHING is a publishing press founded by Yancong in 2013. He came up with the name BEGGAR PUBLISHING because of the attitude of both writers and sponsors. On the one hand, the writers tend to be aloof and despise money. On the other hand, sponsors think they paid the money and felt it's ok for them to be a nit-picker. Both of these attitudes are not normal. So can the writers downgrade themselves, just beg for money if they are short of expenses? Same for the sponsors, could they just drop a few bucks like they are treating a common beggar, and never ask the beggar to be a nice guy, what to do with the money, wheater the beggar is working hard and able to repay you? This is the ideal and normal relationship. The writer is a useless beggar, and the sponsor only sponsors a lifestyle.