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POUNCING Vol.1 Rivolta Femminile

Liang Yiyan

The POUNCING series of publications are pamphlet, drafts, copies, and notes about feminism. They have no binding and page numbers, and are connected end to end, just like the two sides of a tape: SideA and SideB.

The first issue is about the two souls in the "body" of Italian feminism in the 1970s: the "Femminismo della Differenza" brought together by the "Rivolta Femminile", and the "Autonomismo". Marxist Feminism.


Book of Lost & Found

Wang Keyue

Every photo is born twice. The first time, the moment when the shutter was pressed; the second time, the moment when I saw their meaning.

The light, color, sound, taste, people, and things in time have left countless traces. The pictures of existence make sounds, looking for companions. At a certain moment, they establish a gravitational relationship with each other, and they just fit together. The slices of the world can form a poem, and on the curtain of my sky, they appear, forming one constellation after another.

This is the birth of Book of Lost & Found.

Designed by Davide Dicorato, published by AP Project



Why Don’t Show Your Angry

Liang Yiyan

"Why don’t show your angry? " is a project which consists of three parts: notebook, literacy card, and participatory behavior activities--the notebook organizes and summarizes the basic research materials of the project, and is a note and combing of modern Chinese women's movements that are different from mainstream narratives. The discussion is divided into two chapters.

The first chapter of the notebook mainly organizes and summarizes this feminist history with Chinese characteristics and the postmodern feminist attempts under this environment; The second chapter uses the world's ancient gender character "Nushu"(a female only Chinese-script) as the medium, and through the re-intervention of the original archive images, it follows the concept and method of "writing as a creative language" by Carla Lonzi to re-awaken the rebelliousness of language.

ISBN: 9791280135087


La Station De Metro Bellevie

Pocono Zhao Yu

In 2018, Pocono Zhao Yu described the Belleville with the posture of the former residents and witnesses of Belleville. Its description process was completed under countless comparisons. All the processes of comparisons are finally compressed into a mirror-looking action, and finally When no longer trying to distinguish which is the original version, a certain consensus was reached and it became one.

Designed by Yin He, published by AP Project.



Artist's Publishing Project is the platform for collection, research and display of original texts by visual and literary artists. These range from historic publications to contemporary artistic researches and productions, covering original texts, specialist magazines, artists’ books, newspapers, manifestos. AP hopes to explore the relationship between text and images, publications and researches of artists encouraged the meeting and cross-fertilization of many different art forms and also trying to exceed the limit and find a new method of display.