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abC Store by Cabinet 2021 × Xiao Wu

Xiao Wu

No matter where we are, we will come to the common street because of books.


abC Store by Cabinet 2021 × gouda na

gouda na

The abC town is a seaside town with pleasant scenery. The residents of abC town with different shapes made up of books, and there are Friends abroad who take a swan boat to the abC town for a visit. Although everyone comes from different races and has different beliefs, what connects everyone is a common love for books.


abC Art Book Fair has cooperated with Cabinet Studio to create abC Store by Cabinet since 2019. 1-2 artist were commissioned to create themes for the book fair every year, try to make the series of "book lovers will also like to use" products, which will be sold in pop-up store, abC and Cabinet's online store during the art book fair.