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Marc Chagall

LUXELAKES · A4 Art Museum

Marc Chagall is a collection of the corresponding exhibited works of the exhibition "Marc Chagall: Love and Hope" held by LUXELAKES · A4 Art Museum from April to July 2021. Through the seven themes, includes "Surrounded by Flowers", "Magician of colors", "Love" and so on, as well as overall presentation and partial close-ups of images of Chagall's paintings and print works, the exhibited masterpieces are fully presented.

184 p, hardcover
280 × 220mm


60 Days of Lockdown

LUXELAKES · A4 Art Museum

60 Days of Lockdown is the complete documentation of the virtual residency program of the same name organized by the LUXELAKES·A4 Art Museum in 2020. It records the daily experience and creative reflections of every participating artist when social distancing and online interaction was becoming a norm. It brings together the voices of 79 artists from 23 countries during the COVID-19 pandemic, and attempts to create an online community when globalization was being interrupted.

510 p, softcover
286 × 206mm


From Streets to Methodology- Performance Art in Southwest China

Lan Qingwei, Wang Yalei

Produced by LUXELAKES · A4 Art Museum and written by Lan Qingwei, Wang Yalei, this book based on the exhibition "From Streets to Methodology: Performance Art in Southwest Area of China since 2008" from November 2019 to February 2020 at LUXELAKES · A4 Art Museum, it explores the diversity of art development in Southwest China from the perspective of art performance, reviewed and summarized the ecology and development of performance art in Southwest China since the 1970s and 1980s.

190 p, softcover
128 × 184mm


Oliver Herring

LUXELAKES · A4 Art Museum

Produced by LUXELAKES · A4 Art Museum, OLIVER HERRING is an overall collection of photographic collages by New York artist Oliver Herring. It was a comprehensive "archive" of the artist and his works, which included mainly four parts: the images of the artist's exhibition in LUXELAKES · A4 Art Museum, the images of his earlier works, his experiences in Chengdu during the exhibition, and the conversations and interviews of the artist.

313 p, softcover
210 × 260mm


The Real of Unreal

LUXELAKES · A4 Art Museum

The Real of Unreal reviews and summarizes the exhibition of duo Dutch artists, Persjin Broersen and Margit Lukács. The exhibition duration is from June 2020 to September 2020. The book includes works of the artists' projections, digital animation, and space installations. The conversations and interviews based on the exhibited works further discussed the elimination of the boundary between reality and virtual, man-made and natural, and the human situation.

246 p, softcover
128 × 184mm


2019 Resident Artists Brochures Collection

LUXELAKES · A4 Art Museum

This collection, consisting of 18 brochures, is a complete documentation of the 2019 A4 Artist in Residency International Exchange Program. Each brochure presents a participating artist's work and experience in Chengdu, Yokohama and Sonogno: Akihito Okunaka, Cao Shu, Elpida Hadzi-Vasileva, Ken'ichiro & Ayako Taniguchi (Ken & Ayako), Heidundgriess, Israel Hadany, Jarek Lustych, Momo Yoshino, Karen Paulina Biswell, Karolina Halatek, Krišs Salmanis, Shoko Aso, Akiko Utsumi, Pascal Brateau, Mikio Saito, Vladimir Abikh, Xiyu Tomorrow, Zhang Jin. The brochures are full-scale presentations of the activities of artists in residence, including introduction to their artworks, documentation of on-site research, in-depth conversations, etc.

404 p, softcover
210 × 148mm


LUXELAKES · A4 Art Museum was founded in March 2008 by the Chengdu Wide Horizon Investment Co., Ltd. In August 2016, A4 Art Museum moved into the LUXELAKES Eco Art Center and formally registered as a private non-profit art museum. Led by founding director Sunny Sun, A4 Art Museum has gradually been upgraded from an avant-garde space promoting contemporary art to a 6,500-square-meter eco-art museum with twelve spaces. Since its founding, A4 Art Museum has held nearly 80 contemporary art exhibitions, more than 2,000 humanities lectures, salons, and workshops worked with nearly 500 noted artists from around the world and collaborated with more than 40 curators. Housed in a building designed by noted architect Antoine Predock, A4 Art Museum is located within the LUXELAKES Art Expo Center in Chengdu's Tianfu New District.