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W.Y.S.I.W.I.G (book)

Xuan Ye & Benjamin de Boer

Have always wanted to make pocket flip books. The idea of a pocket flip book is like a Walkman, a paperback with duration. As the pages brush through the fingertips, the secrets between time and retina emerge. The pocket flip book came to my mind when first conceived of W.Y.I.S.I.W.Y.G. Flipping from the front of the book shows a text cursor pointer that flashes ten times in ten seconds. Flipping from the back of the book is prose and poetry, fragmented, in the reading order of ancient Chinese books.

W.Y.I.S.I.W.Y.G features the GUI caret icon as a light sculpture displayed against a patterned wall with checkers indicating transparency in graphic programs. The vitrine is hereby virtualized into a space that signifies a vacuum ad infinitum. Originally shown as What You See is Where You Go, the second iteration, Wear Your Soul in Wordy Yesterday Gold takes the idea of ultimate asemia further — on the blinking brink of "I", we stand at the metalinguistic door and set our feet in the undertows of cyber sea, taking refuge in the noise, forever waiting on meanings to dawn.

I was once asked whether this light piece was controlled by computational signals, and my answer was a firm no. W.Y.I.S.I.W.Y.G is just plain, boring, relentless flickering. Like the emergence and disappearance of thoughts, like the waiting before consciousness is translated into language. As the naming of many of my works, W.Y.I.S.I.W.Y.G carries the floating nature of contemporary semiotics. The English words or phrases that I have imposed periods and halts in challenge the most common meanings and reading habits. Letters reorganize and iterate as if they had a life of their own.

200 p
70 × 108 mm


W.Y.S.I.W.I.G (print)

Xuan Ye

Lenticular print magnets
60 × 89 mm


Universal Serial Bus

Xuan Ye

The Universal Serial Bus is an easy-listening trip to be heard but not listened to. The hours-long ambient sounds in the release are field recordings that are processed through X's learnt listening patterns. Perceiving the surrounding spectrum in harmonics, X tunes the body as an interface to the recorded fields. At the nexus of noise and music, the USB is an extension to X's long term project in the sonic banality of "useless music", a counterproductive twist to muzak’s total design of background music.

I would describe it as listening to great music in a room surrounded by very little music. When you feel it, USB sounded the best. From warped machine sounds, to the triumphant electromagnetic-samples, to the mysterious windy signal jam, USB gives me the sense of an ordinary person going about his life.

…a similar sound fingerprint for 'households', 'streets' and 'birds' had already been found, but offered no further details as to the sound sources. IKEA also included various USBs for their showrooms, including its kitchens, living rooms and other interior spaces. Some of the combinations of these natural-sounding sounds could be an alternative to listening to it in the room itself, especially in quiet environments.

In this sense, it is something passive; its accompaniment by sound is intended to be a marginal piece of sound, a discreet vehicle that might be better understood as an editorial device than as a potential repository of music.

Custom USB drives


CMD & CTRL Chewing Gum

Xuan Ye

The gum is a sigil. Chew the gum while filling your mind with all the unwanted controls that have been forced onto you & SPIT IT ALL OUT.

Custom chewing gums
64 × 64 mm


xi xi

Xuan Ye

xi xi is Xuan Ye's debut LP. Compiled from solo improvisations across a three year span, the recordings comprise a fascinating document of X's foundational ideas: free improvisation, computational randomness, noise of the field, hybrid chaos of gestures and mediated bio-electrical currents.

xi xi is out on November 29th on Halocline Trance (LP, WAV). All songs by Xuan Ye. Mastered by David Psutka. A Side (2019) & bonus track (2016) recorded by Jason Doell; B side (improvisation live set Nov. 16, 2016) recorded by Aaron Dawson. This album features artwork by Véronique Sunatori + Sara Maston, with calligraphy by Xuan Ye. Distributed by SRD and available to purchase via fine music retailers worldwide.



A Pure Apparatus Editions is artist Xuan Ye's self-publishing entity for releasing small-run artist multiples, including but not limited to sonic & digital objects, printed matters, edibles, and et cetera.

Xuan Ye is a Chinese artist, musician and engineer, currently based in Tkarón: to / Toronto as an uninvited guest.