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Apple book 2020


Spending time with the family is like eating an apple to me, one of the most consumed fruit in northern Chinese households- it's a no-brainer and I take it for granted. A lot of us do.

This book uncovers some of the underappreciated moments in family lives around me. These moments are beautifully ordinary yet more glorious than anything.

In 2020, the first issue of apple book was first launched at Shanghai abC book fair, it was received very well and sparked conversations revolving family memories among readers. The apple book 2021 is now in the process of collecting precious family moments and is scheduled to release around the same time this year.

168 p
210 x 145mm


The Tiptoe Project 2020

Meiyi & Qiaoxi

We took fractions of masterpieces (sets of two) from our personal inspiration libraries, after intuitively spinning, cutting, reshaping and redrawing these carefully selected elements, we then rearrange them organically onto a new artboard. All decisions were made purely based on makers' genuine observation, visual interest and aesthetic preferences.

Along with the thrill, this process also felt like dancing around a sleeping angel on one's tiptoes, as if secretly delighted by this "unauthorized" act :)

Various sizes




Mao Object


13:13 a small group of artists and designers who wish to harness pieces of spontaneous inspiration (big or small, not-so-silly or silly) and turn them into art prints, independent publications, artist's books and handmade objects. They take pleasure in the simple act of thinking and making. Their current interest revolves around scenes of life, ways of looking and self-growth.