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So Fun

Zhong Ruqian

There are 3 parts of creative works of artist in So Fun: the first part, his Calligraphy of the type Oracle Bones. They are chosen among the works he created during the lockdown of Wuhan because of Covid-19. The second part, 20 poems (mostly 5-character or 7-character verse) of the same artist. Third part, 3 Chinese paintings, which the artist is famous for.

These characters and images express Zhong Ruqian's feelings and opinions of the modern world, in a very subtle and humorous way.

The design and bookbinding style is also delicate with a natural rhythm. The spine is made of paper suminagashi.

104 p
200 × 305mm


The Massive Migration (mini)

Xiao Longhua

The Massive Migration are a series of works which include paintings and sculptures that began in 2016. The objects used were collected by Xiao Long Hua such as used tools, articles of daily-use, instruments and so on. They're staying alive in certain forms of "momentary stillness" of their previous purposes. These forms are already far from what they used to be as the industrial products, and the reconstruction between the chaos after the disappearance of their original functions and the loss of their identities being nothing alike is exactly what Xiao Long Hua addressed in his works. Their new forms are already far from what they used to be as industrial products. The chaos that comes with the vanishing of their original functions and the loss of their identities through their unfamiliar reconstructions is something Xiao Long Hua wanted to highlight.

However, those who are without the restriction of time and space could experience both the past and the future. As all things can become part of the past unpredictably, similarly to the future. Things shouldn't be defined by current perceptions of life and death as demonstrated through these pieces. This was the original inspiration for this work.

The artist wants the audiences to experience the life of these reconstructed physical ideas and the timelessness of their being.

28 p, accordion fold+CD
145 × 125 mm


Seven Midlife Store

Bai Kui

Comics of short stories happening in a 24 / 7 convenient store.

Seven: shorter from the 711 convenient store

Midlife: Middle-aged men have a late night once in a while

20-24 p
135 × 115mm


The Blind Men and the Elephant

Xiao Longhua

The Blind Men and the Elephant is the proposition creation of Xiao Longhua. The story in this picture book comes from old Buddhist sutras. You will see four born blinds came from "Mirari" Kingdom. They were trying to comprehend an elephant only by touch. After the King Mirror got the results from the four blinds, he transformed the huge elephant into a lightweight butterfly. It was a dramatic and touching moment. The butterfly began to dance and transform kaleidoscopically and endlessly. The cover is hided in blue. When you touch this area, the blue will fade away. Touching is the thread of the whole story, and also an important revelation of transforming. In the last opposite page, you can take down the four shapes of paper on it . While reassembling the various parts freely, you will take your own experience of the touching moment.

56 p
305 × 302mm


Underwater New York

Bai Kui

The theme of photography came from the author's own brief trip to New York. Light reflects against each other between skyscrapers, and the photographer's lens aimed at the quiet corner of the Super Metropolis.

38 p
200 × 280mm

A bookbinding and graphic design studio founded in 2016. Members: Zhong Yu + Lu Min. There are no boundaries between art and technique. Editing - design - bookbinding, they cooperate with artists, designers, publishing houses, independent editors, bookstores, etc.