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emotion practice

ritty liu

This photo collection is a summary of the creator's observations of people and things around him in recent years. In addition to the photos themselves, the book's binding is also interpreted around the theme of "emotional practice".

"Because of work, life and study, I travel between Leipzig and Shenyang twice a year. I particularly like observing clouds every time on the plane, because that is a completely different perspective from observing clouds on the ground. I think this The process of observation is very similar to the process of human perception of emotions. They are changeable and unstable, and this happens to be the characteristic of film shooting and processing...In this album, many pictures are processed into different transparency Some are directly printed on sulfuric acid paper, interspersed with clouds that seem to be inconsistent and contradictory. Therefore, the entire binding and flipping process can be regarded as an emotional exercise in a sense."--ritty liu



I used to be your neighbor

Bird Pit

Bird Pit's picture album depicts a scene on a square in a city from the perspective of a pigeon. It is a large picture album dismantled from a 1.6 × 4.5m square.

48 p, Indigo printing
297 × 420mm


Kaleidoscope Bookstore was founded in Shenyang, Liaoning. The bookstore is mainly engaged in art and design books. The team is committed to the creation of art publishing. At the same time, it provides a sharing platform for designers' and illustrators’ original works. It regularly organizes small art activities, professional-related sharing sessions, art workshops and Multiple types of exhibitions.