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Nour Bishouty

Which images are made manifest across an artist’s practice and which are the ones that disappear? How do objects—whether seen or unseen—and the knowledge they possess traverse across place and time to avow their resistance? These are amongst the questions asked by artist Nour Bishouty in her artist’s book 1—130, a project that draws upon her ongoing research into the works of her father, Ghassan Bishouty (b. 1941 Palestine – d. 2004, Jordan). In 1—130, she borrows from methods of indexing and object classification to act as figurative codes for identification and cross-reference within the contexts of value and legacy. All the while employing paratactic strategies of text and image to understand the life and work of an artist faced with the discontinuity of deracination.

1—130 constitutes reflexive encounters with a series of 130 selected paintings and sculptures made circa 1965-2004 in Lebanon and Jordan, and concludes with an afterword by editor and curator Jacob Korczynski.

Artist: Nour Bishouty
Editor: Jacob Korczynski



Behind Your Stumbling

Kota Ezawa & Dodie Bellamy

A new poster edition by Bay Area artist Kota Ezawa and writer Dodie Bellamy, the first of a series of writer-artist collaborations commissioned by Art Metropole over 2020-2021. Produced as a single colour (b&w) 18” × 23” offset poster, the work depicts an illustration by Ezawa of Kurt Schwitters’s elaborate art installation Merzbau (1923-1937), with overlaid text written by Bellamy from her forthcoming book, Plague Widow.

Behind Your Stumbling will be postered in public spaces throughout the city of Toronto.

432 × 584mm


Black Book

Hyung-Min Yoon

Black Book joins two threads of disparate cultures and histories—Confucian virtues & black humour — inquiring into contemporary ideologies such as patriarchy and technological determinism. The woodblock illustrations in Black Book are borrowed from the 15th-century Confucian text "Illustrated Conduct of the Three Bonds," published and reproduced in Joseon-era Korea as an effort to disseminate Confucian principles throughout the kingdom. These images are juxtaposed with new jests and cartoon effects, collected from various online sources, literary texts, or by word of mouth. True to the form of black humour, Black Book is engaging and upsetting, playful and dark, seductive and uncomfortable.

80 p
240 × 170mm


Art Metropole was founded in 1974 by the artist collective General Idea, and was conceived as a related artist-run center and collection agency devoted to the documentation, archiving and distribution of all the images. Now, Art Metropole operates as a retailer and distributor of artists' books, multiples, and editions; a producer of new works of contemporary art in published and multiple form; a producer of exhibitions, talks, screenings, performances and other programming that feature or intersect with distributed art practices; and a public art collection and archive pertaining to these practices.