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Sergey Melnitchenko

Fundamental space explorations of naked singularity is a set of questions that a person asks in the moments of searching for himself and his personality in the universe. Naked singularity is a singularity that is not surrounded by an event horizon. In philosophy, singularity is identical with the uniqueness and uniqueness of the phenomenon, and in fact the personality. The man is unique, there is no same ones. At the scale of the universe, we are alone and trying to find ourselves anywhere and at any cost, often being aliens on our own planet. The event horizon, in turn, is a place in space-time that has no time course in the perception of the observer. In his search, the person is in the event horizon – until the other person comes in contact with him, it is impossible to see the scale of his internal search. Through analogy with cosmic motives and fake documentation, we show what is happening beyond the event horizon in which each of us is located.

booklet / postcards / posters
170 × 240mm


I do not know, 我 不 知道

Alessandro Digaetano

I do not know, 我 不 知道, (pronounced Wǒ bù zhīdào), is the first complete sentence I learned in Chinese. And every time people ask me ‘What is going on in China?’ I always respond using that sentence: Wǒ bù zhīdào, I don’t know!

China is so vast and it changes at such high speed, I have never been able to define the country. Wǒ bù zhīdào is the name of my photographic project started in the spring of 2011. It explores the changes in the country where I lived from 2002-2008 and I have been shooting for some months in 2009, 2012 and 2014.

—— Alessandro Digaetano

84 p
320 × 178mm


D'Agati Vucciria

Mauro D'Agati

"La Vucciria" is one of Palermo’s oldest market districts, founded 900 years ago by the Arabs who formerly ruled Sicily.
 Many people still live in ramshackle buildings showing the effects of World War II bombings, as well as from the disastrous earthquake in 2002 that wrecked havoc on the area. Vucciria today is considered a run-down area in which the fruit vendors, hawkers, fishmongers and butchers have mostly disappeared. The few that remain live mostly in the past, yearning for bygone days when Vucciria was bustling with activity, an important center for marketing and socializing. While Vucciria may have seen better days, it has recently taken on a new life. Today it comes alive in the evening as young people gather to meet friends, sample street food or a new cafe’s offerings, a simple glass of wine in the cool night air. Vucciria waits optimistically for what lies ahead.

176 p
300 × 220mm


Lockdown Portrait Stories

Fulvia Bernacca

"After the war there was a desire to dance that shed light" are the words of Francesco Guccini, Italian songwriter, who accompanied me and illuminated my thoughts during the period of lockdown I spent in Rome in March and April 2020 due to the Covid19 pandemic. With the desire to break that sense of isolation, I went to visit my friends, near and far, and instinctively started to take portraits of them. I did it the only way I could in that period of social distance, sitting at my desk, taking a screenshot from my computer during a Zoom video call. Every person I portrayed was asked to share with me a song that was meaningful to them in the lockdown period to create a soundtrack of the project. Friends, and then also strangers, welcomed me in their homes, in their intimacy, willing to share moments of a new daily life, thoughts and reflections on this moment of isolation.

96 p
150 × 210mm


89books is an independent publishing house based in Palermo, Sicily. Established in 2018 by photographer Mauro D’Agati and curator Kateryna Filyuk, it specializes in photobooks and artist books and runs a Residency for international artists and photographers interested in bookmaking.

89books is committed to the discovery and experimental publication of limited edition photobooks of different forms and contents. Each book will be presented in an edition of 89 copies, except for artist books that could be produced as a collector’s piece.

By putting together the expertise of the team and its network of collaborators, which feature local printers, binders, and artisans, 89books aims to assist and promote artists who use photography as their main medium and strive to compile a unique publication.

Being a small independent publisher, 89books takes advantage of its unique position in the heart of Sicily, a crossroad of multicultural traditions. It seeks to both enrich local context by bringing over international photographers and artists and to share its own experience, expertise and local cultural richness with them.

The Residencies kicked off in January 2019 with the prominent photographer Boris Mikhailov being the first artist in residence. Each year it will host up to 3 foreign photographers, who will spend 2-3 weeks in Palermo, working on their book's graphic design and drawing inspiration from the city. A series of workshops and lectures by visiting artists are being planned, in order to engage with the local audience interested in photography and bookmaking.