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Art Book in Italy

Together with Silvia Ponzoni, editor in chief of GENDA magazine, we warmly welcome the arrival of the representative works of Italian art publishing.

In the Art Book in Italy, a special exhibition in the 2021 abC Art Book Fair, 56 publications and magazines from 14 Italian cities are presented, including fields in design and fashion, illustration and comics, art creation and collection, documentary and experimental photography, private and news archives, history and contemporary research, etc. Together, it depicts a group image of the participants engaging in Italian cultural life.

Some books are available to buy here / here or at abC Art Book Fair Beijing (July 9th - 11th, Today Art Museum).

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Designed by @cheapball_yunqi

○ a+mbookstore 

Yes Yes Yes. Revolutionary Press in Italy. (1966-1977)from Mondo Beat to Zut

Filippo Romano. Water Tanks Mathare, Nairobi

People of Lentini. Self-image culture, 1972-1980

a+mbookstore is a publishing house and a bookstore specializing in visual contemporary arts, founded in 1993 in Milan.

● Alla Carta 




Alla Carta is a bi-annual international publication that approaches high-end fashion, art and design in a unique Italian way. We truly believe in paper, carta in Italian. At a time when the web may appear to be the only valid avenue of communication, Alla Carta is an ode to the most precious of mediums and to the most precious moment of the day: our interviews always take place around a table, to celebrate one of the oldest Italian habits, conviviality.

○ Altana



A hundred images to shape an unexisting place

Altana was born in 2018 in Venice after the encounter between Francesco Paleari, Elia Pinna and Francesco Villa. It’s meant to be a place for conversations and exchange around photography, genuinely dedicated to authorial research and care for editorial projects. Altana refuses to be labeled but rather prefers the dynamism of an evolving hybrid studio. Altana is not a publisher, it is not a physical place and either a concept. Altana is ar from which you can enjoy a new perspective through photography.

● Archivio

ARCHIVIO N°5 The Nineties Issue

ARCHIVIO N°6 The Eighties Issue

Walter Gropius once said, "There is no finality in architecture—only continuous change." The same could be said of Archivio. Even of archives in general, perhaps. Back in 2016, when at Promemoria we started thinking of the magazine, we imagined it as something that would never standstill. Just like archives, where everything has its place, but which grow continuously in size, shape, and meaning. The world moves forward and archives become deeper, richer, and more complex. They become digital. They change continuously.

● Athleta

Athleta Magazine Issue 04

Athleta Magazine Issue 06

Athlèta is an independent magazine, a brand content marketing agency, art direction & production, a web network.

Athleta doesn’t have time but it has space. In time and in sports. It is a journey in the principle of resilience, in discovering your limits through your body. In the name of the goal to be reached, the point to be scored, the sacrifice to be made. The glory is fleeting, and you are still chasing the chimera. It’s not always reached. And so, you start again, you return to the snow, you go back once again to the pool, you prepare your gym bag and you lock yourself in the gym. There is a perverse mentality to playing at a highly competitive amateur level. The beginning of a struggle that is fundamental to feel the blood flowing.

Athleta is about telling this story in photos. It is the essence of strength and the absence of failure. That’s something that just doesn’t exist, when you know that you’ve given your all. The desire to try when there is no money to be won, but with simply the idea of being the best.

Athleta is the words of sport. Texts that go with the pictures. Creating the atmosphere, giving a personal interpretation – a very personal interpretation. Let everyone do what they want. Read, look and reflect. Putting their own emotions in perspective as they think best.

Athleta is our idea of sport.

● Bellissimo

Bellissimo Vol.1, Ostia

Bellissimo Vol 2, Cortina

Bellissimo is a project dedicated to glorify the understated. 

Looking for style and character in places often ignored, but where people unapologetically follow their strong sense of aesthetic whatever that might be. 

It’s about people and where they feel they belong, it’s about a place you were not thinking to visit anytime soon, how to get there, what to expect.

Bellissimo is apolitical, gender fluid, seasonless and totally recyclable.

Bellissimo is a life guidance disguised as a magazine. It is not, however, a magazine. 

It was conceived on a moonless summer night in London.

It was 2018, and life was easy then.

Now known as The Founding Fathers, Ivan Ruberto and Paolo Zerbini have been culpable for every content produced under this name ever since.

○ blisterZine



blisterZine is a self-publishing and publishing project (since 2009) by NASTYNASTY©, with the purpose to promote the artist’s book as an art object, using creatively the space of a book.

Emiliano Biondelli & Valentina Venturi currently teach at NABA Academy and Cfp Bauer, history of the artist's and photo book.

blisterZine books were exhibited at the Artists Space (NY), Cleveland Art Museum, Miami Public Library, Corvi e Mora Gallery(London), Museo Marino Marini (Florence) and Museo Camera (Turin). blisterZine books are purchased by Moma Library and Brooklyn Museum Library among the others.

● Brillo




The Italian sparkling magazine dedicated to promote young illustrators from all over the world.

We are a contemporary Italian Magazine that has as its main objective the collection of new young artists and news concerning the world of illustration. We called our magazine “Brillo” because all innovative and brilliant artist must be shown as the shiny star it is! We strongly believe that art should be shared and appreciated by all. 

We also provide a consultancy service in order to help clients finding the perfect talent for the most exciting projects.

○ bruno


Rob Pruitt’s eBay Flea Market: Year 1

Paris is in Asia

Disappearing Objects

bruno is the pseudonym of Andrea Codolo and Giacomo Covacich since 2013. The project, which is based in Venice, combines a graphic design studio, an exhibition space and a specialist bookstore focussing on visual communication and international independent publishers. As for communication design, the studio deals in particular with visual identities, setting up exhibitions, publishing projects, information design and data visualisation in collaboration with institutions, cultural foundations and private clients. Since 2014 bruno has also become a publishing brand.

● Frankestein


The language is that of comics, but freely interpreted and reread by four authors who grew up in totally different professional fields. The blue dog that appears on the cover is Frankenstein, a fictional character who will constantly return to the magazine.

Launched in a Chinatown club in Milan.

● GENDA magazine




GENDA is a magazine intersecting Western and Eastern culture. Two sets of editorial staff – one in Italy and one in China – first identify a common theme which is then elaborated through the misunderstandings and complicities at the base of every concrete exchange. GENDA is a container of accidental, compressed, distant yet dangerously similar material. Its symmetrical structure separates the two spheres which are then recomposed and redistributed through the binding. Clashes and confluences result from the apparent remoteness of approaching worlds. 

GENDA is an independent and interdisciplinary object. It proves the presence of things and the existence of occurrences, it is about experience.      

○ Humboldt

Campo di Marte


Josef Albers - Messico(1935/1956)

Humboldt Books is a publisher specialising in narratives and experiences of travel which undertakes interdisciplinary publishing projects, blending geography with literature, photography and art. 

Humboldt Books collaborates with international artists, writers, photographers, designers and architects, gathering their travel stories – be they real or imaginary – and recounting these experiences through a new, unconventional gaze. 

Humboldt Books also delves into the classics of travel literature, curating new editions and bringing adventures of yesteryear back to life with a contemporary edge. 

The publishing house was founded in 2012 by Alberto Saibene and Giovanna Silva.

○ Marcello Jacopo Biffi (book designer)

A is A is A

Since 2017, graphic designer Marcello Jacopo Biffi has been obsessively designing letters. His visual research project consists of hundreds of alphabets, which share the same DNA but look considerably different. Structured on the same elementary pixel matrix—the archetype, or basic form of the alphabet—each time the letters of the set undergo multiple digital transformations producing new atypical results. The goal is to generate an ever-growing collection of allographs (different signs representing the same letter) to explore the relationship between glyph (representation of a letter) and grapheme (the minimum unit of a writing system).

○ Mondo Erotico Publishing

Liscio Got Me Hardcore – Graphics and Aesthetics of Italy’s Last Folklorist Scene

Dark Youth – Photographic Documents of Cybergoth Youth in Italy (1996-2001)

Pino Pugliese – Roma (1968)

Mondo Erotico is an independent publishing house founded in 2020 by Italian journalist and researcher Lorenzo Ottone and based in Bristol (UK). Mondo Erotico predominantly focuses on the publication of publications concerning youth culture and the arts by working on archival material and placing it into a wider social context, establishing a dialogue between past and contemporary culture. 

Mondo Erotico is mostly dedicated to publishing the work of Ragazzi di Strada, an archival project researching through rare, amateur or unseen photographs and graphics the history of subcultures and rebellious youth style in Italian history. 

Deeply interested in researching the history of independent press from the past, Mondo Erotico aims to build a bridge between the legacy of independent countercultural publications and contemporary design solutions. 

Mondo Erotico is also a radio show on Noods Radio (Bristol, UK) and Radio Raheem (Milan, Italy) investigating the soundscapes of Italian cinematica and design from the 1950s to the 1980s.

● Mousse Magazine

Mousse Magazine issue 73

Mousse Magazine issue 74

Mousse Magazine issue 75

Mousse Publishing

The Artist as Curator

Artifices instables, Histoires de céramiques

Julian Charrière: Towards No Earthly Pole

Step by Step

Mousse is a contemporary art magazine established in 2006 featuring interviews, conversations, and essays exploring international trends in contemporary culture. It features today’s most vivid voices in international criticism, along with emerging talents and key figures in the cultural debate. Published quarterly, Mousse has an average print run of 35,000 copies and broad distribution in Europe, the United States, Australia, and Asia. In 2008, Mousse launched a publishing house specializing in contemporary art and culture. Mousse Publishing develops tailored editorial projects with artists, curators, editors, galleries, museums, biennials, and other cultural institutions, both public and private. Approximately 540 titles have been produced to date, featuring some of the most relevant voices in the contemporary discourse.

○ Nero




NERO is an international publishing house devoted to art, criticism and contemporary culture. Founded in Rome in 2004, it publishes artists’ books, catalogs, editions and essays.

NERO explores present and future imaginaries beyond any field of specialization, format or code – as visual arts, music, philosophy, politics, aesthetics or fictional narrations – extensively investigating unconventional perspectives and provocative outlooks to decipher the essence of this ever changing reality.

● Polpettas

Polpettas Issue 2

Polpettas Issue 3

Polpettas Issue 4

A journal about artists and their stories

This is what you will find flicking through the pages of Polpettas On Paper. Long and deep interviews with artists, photographers, designers, musicians, illustrators, where they talk not only about their creative process, but also about their own life, their habits, and their way to see and live the world.


[pol-pét-ta] s. f. pl. -e

Polpetta is Italian for “meatball.”

We think of the elements of each story as ingredients: the artists we interview, their works, the time we spend with them, the cities they live in. All these ingredients are chopped up, mixed together and baked into delicious meatballs, each one a unique, easy-to-digest story. The pages of this magazine combine into one very tasty dish. 

○ Rorhof 




RORHOF is a space for the creation and curation of publications, exhibitions, workshops and residencies. Based in Bozen/Bolzano, RORHOF operates as a cooperative centred around solidarity and sustainability. On the common grounds of a former farm coexist a publishing house, a gallery space and a library.


RORHOF publishes books, postcards, fanzines and archival projects. We offer editorial and curatorial consultancies to visual practitioners, artists and researchers.


The gallery is a fluid container of exhibitions, workshops, installations and residencies. In our in-house carpentry we produce frames and furniture. The whole space is available for rent.

● Sali e Tabacchi

Sali e Tabacchi

Sali e Tabacchi Journal is a publication which explores the relationship between the creative arts and Italy's unknown rituals, habits and traditions. The magazine was founded by journalist and content creator Elisa Carassai and art director and graphic designer Leonardo Pellegrino. Issue 00 is dedicated to the theme of Sensazioni Familiari / Familiar Sensations, and it is a reflection upon origins, family, home towns, rituals and traditions, deja vu and nostalgic moments of happiness. What has changed? What hasn't? But most importantly, who are the unknown creative minds who made Italy great in the past and the people who are now trying to make a difference?


Sirene #11

Sirene #12

For those who feel close to the sea even when they are far away from it, SIRENE, with its large recycled paper pages, rough and porous as only salt water stains can be, creates a narration in which sea lovers can relate and where they can find the characteristics of a common identity. 



COSI' FAN TUTTI (1974-1982)


12 Jun 1950 — B.F. Skinner conducts psychological experiment with pigeons in which they must match a colored light with a corresponding colored panel in order to receive food. 


is a publishing house focused on contemporary photography and visual arts.

○ Union Editions



We are in love, we are liars, we are children, we are bad, we are pure, we are heroes, we are immature, we are energy, we are falling, we are incoherent, we are failing, we are sweet, we are violent, we are gesture, we are laughing, we are far, we are unreliable, we are afraid, we are magic, we are alone, we are happy, we are diamonds, we are traitors, we are lost, we are the eyes, we are many, we are playing, we are dying, we are utopia, we are demons, we are lovers, we are dreaming, we are shining, we are puking, we are angels, we are elsewhere, we are ghosts, we are bullets, we are bleeding. We kiss, we are savoring, we are empty, we are crying.

○ viaindustriae

Sportification. Eurovisions, Performativity and Playgrounds

I Will Work For You For One Hour, But Someone Else Should Pay For It

Happy Fashion / Felice Moda. Companies, Styles and Anti-fashion

viaindustriae is a cultural association and publishing house based in Foligno (PG, Umbria, Italy) in the space of a former clothing factory now converted into offices, contemporary arts research center, exhibition space and publishing house. Established as a non-profit association, since its foundation in 2005. viaindustriae has been engaged in visual arts educational programs, artist residencies, workshops, exhibition display and curating, publishing.

○ Witty Books

Grand Amour

Medieval Monster Hunter

Flattened in Time and Space

Witty Books is an independent publishing house founded in 2012 with the name of Witty Kiwi, that aims to promote contemporary photography and visual arts. 

Our mission focuses on the diffusion and education of the images, rewarding the contamination between different forms of art.

○ 89books

D'Agati Vucciria

Boris Mikhailov Suzi et Cetera (part 2)


89books is an independent publishing house based in Palermo, Sicily. Established in 2018 by photographer Mauro D'Agati, it specialises in photo-books and artist books. 89books is committed to the discovery and experimental publication of limited edition photo-books of different forms and contents.  Some of the books will be presented in a first edition of 89 copies, except for artist books that could be produced as a collector's piece or publications printed in offset.  

By combining the expertise of the team and its network of collaborators, which feature local printers, binders and artisans, 89books aims to assist and promote the production of artists who use photography as their main medium and strive to compile a unique publication. 89books draws its inspiration from travels, accidental encounters and thought-provoking dialogs with peers and is largely driven by contingency, curiosity and passion. 


"What are you going to do in Shanghai?"

"I’m going to buy a hat"

If for Warner Oland, answering to Marlene Dietrich in Shanghai Express, hats were the reason for spending time on the eastern coast of China, mine were books. After moving in Shanghai in 2012, I soon discovered a constellation of little publications in photography, art, and design by Chinese publishers, a collection of stories that looked outwards, materials beyond the government control. A small underworld of editorial dreamers who have over the years structured and established themselves.

The idea of ​​creating Genda in 2013 came therefore quite naturally, a magazine focusing on Chinese photography and its alliance with the rest of the world. Intersecting Western and Eastern culture, two editorial teams—one in Italy and one in China — first identify a common theme which is then elaborated through the misunderstandings and complicities at the base of every concrete exchange.

Today, for the abC Art Book Fair in China, the same vision is proposed: creating a bridge between the fledgling Chinese independent photography, art, and design publishing landscape and the Italian one. ABI – Art Book in Italy presents the most interesting publishing houses and magazines of the Italian independent panorama, a prolific niche in the niche disconnected from the logic of larger national editorial groups that registered considerable increases in recent years — which bode well for recovery. While some of them have already successfully collaborated with Chinese publishers or published works by Chinese artists, others are entering this market for the first time. Each one has its own history and specific quality but what unites them is the uniqueness of the graphic proposal and the care for printed paper.

How do the independent publishing Chinese and Italian arenas interrelate? Seemingly different and far-off worlds and cultures observe and feed one another, modifying themselves without being mutually accountable. Clashes and confluences result from the apparent remoteness of approaching worlds. Genda is born from a misunderstanding: the term giving its title is the Western mangling of the popular Chinese "Zhenda" – "Really?"; it is also the name of the preferred flower of Hindu rites and celebrations. ABI – Art Book in Italy wants to explore exchange — and misreading — in the same way.